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Risk of Heart problem due to Cardio exercise for someone with Palpitations

Hi, am a 32 year old female (5'4") who used to workout regularly but has had a sedentary lifestyle for the last two years. I have put on close to 10 kg in this period and weight 67.5kg now.

I have had Palpitations problem since college and go out of breath very easily with fast heart beat (Got tests some done then, but all suggested that it was just palpitations and no other problem with heart).

I used to run on treadmill at moderate pace (8km/hr) but am little apprehensive to go back to doing that now as I have been reading that people are getting heart attacks because of intense cardio exercises. Not that this pace would be intense exercise, but considering my palpitations problem, I am scared. Will doing this regularly, affect my heart? Pls. advise.
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DO you know what the palpitations are?  There are about 20+ different types.  

I got back to cardio by starting off really slow.  I never intended to even do what I felt was cardio.  I just wanted to walk more.  I used a fitbit to count my steps.  My goals kept creeping up, and soon I wanted to hit those goals faster so I started off walk / running.  The next thing I know 6 months go by and I'm running 5k in 26 minutes.  was never my goal.

I still get PVCs.    Some days are worse than others.  If I have a bad day, I get upset just like anyone would.  I keep trying.
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When I first started having PVC's I became so terrified of upsetting my heart rhythm that I stopped exercising. When I learned that the PVC's were benign, my anxiety started to take a chill pill and I slowly got back into working out. I started walking with intervals of running and worked my way up from there. It was a transition and there were fears that I had to overcome, but, in present time, I work out intensely 6 days a week and for the most part I have no issues. I have some days (rarely) where I'll need a break because I'm getting a bunch of PVCs in a row but for the most part they aren't an issue.
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