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Rough times with pvc's

I have been having a rough time lately with all the pvc's and pac's. EVERYDAY!!! Every couple of beats. Please everyone keep me in your prayers, I need them right now.Jesus says where two or more come together in Jesus name whatever you ask shall be given to you, so please pray for these to go away or just ease up.

Many thanks & God bless,

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I said a prayers for you.  Ive been saying them all weekend.  Can you read my post that is further down and see if we have some of the same stuff?  Do you have any advise?  Im going to post another comment in my so it pulls to the top of the list again.  Im desperate....
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are you going thru any hormonal changes...just the past 8 days i was having 14,000 pvcs in 24 hrs...every couple of beats for 8 days straight....and it happened right before my period...during...and just eased up when my period eased up....could be something to do with your hormones...if they are happening that often....don't worry...i know exactly how you feel :(
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I will remember you in prayer.  I know how awful they feel!
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Thank you for all the responses! I appreciate all your prayers so very much! Everyone on this forum is so thoughtful,thank you!

God bless,

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Prayers headed your way!

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Just finished a prayer for you and Lucyluu (and myself)...been having a rough bout with them,too.  This time, mine have an emotional root, I know this.  I'm trying to resolve some issues.  Lord bless all of you- He cares!

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I haven't posted in a while...but I still pray and think of u all everyday...if it were not for this group...I would of never made it through the roughest times...Please be strong Tara and know that God is with u....

Love, Prayers, and Hugs 2 All,
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sorry to read u are going through a difficult with your heart i hope this settles soon for you

prayers and hugs sent x 3
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Sending prayers to you all.  I use to belong to a simliar forum years ago and am glad to have found another one where people care so much for one another.  

God Bless:)
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Tara, this is kay. I'am sooo sorry to hear that you and other's are having a rough time with pvc's or pacs. I'am included in the list.bless this wonderful web site. And everyone we can vent with. Even if it takes you're mind away from our problems for a brief time, that helps. I myself read everyone else's problem and it really helps. It make's me think i can deal with this, as other's may have it alot worse. I pray for relief for everyone dealing with heart rythym problems. Thinking of you Tara, you will get through this, and hopefully better days ahead. A big bear hug. hang in there.  hansonkay
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Thank you so much for all the encouragement!! There is such a great bunch of inspiring people on here. I think it's because we all know what one another is going through.

God Bless,

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Hello Tara, I will be going to church tomorrow and will have the congregation pray for you. Whenever you go to church please ask the pastor and elders to lay hands on you and you will be healed.
You are very precious to the Lord Jesus!
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Great support from everyone and although I am not an active churchgoer I send my best wishes.
Now - on a different note - how can we help you with all the things we've learned over the years of how to live with this?
Assuming you've had all the usual medical tests have you spent time looking for 'triggers'  - situatons, foods drinks etc that you have a reaction to and get worse?
It could be lots of different things but finding them will make your quality of life better.
This site has a fantastic heart rythmn tracker so you can start by making entries and filling in the journal notes as to any ideas a sto what might have either made things better or worse.
I am a firm believer in trying to keep positive and stop being a victim where possible.
And with this forum we're all here to help
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Me too

I have had these for app 15 years now
I get PVC's PAC's, couplets, trigemineys', Runs of VT, SVT, etopics, yada yada
I am on 160 mg of Sotolol twice a day and have been on this for 15 years.  Nothing wong with my heart, its in good shape!  I might go 6 months with not have many maybe one or two that I feel, or I can have 20 000 of them.  I try to not focus on them, and just do a lot of coughing if I am having them to try to stop them.  I have just started to get them again after being free from them for 4 months. Even sleeping is hard cause they are continual.  At the moment I get the long pause then the "thump" they arent to bad to deal with, maybe get 20 a minute...but its the runs I dont like and the flutterring.
I am pretty fit, dont smoke (have given up) and rarely drink.....I wouldnt know a trigger if I did have one
Stay strong everyone, and fingers crossed they ease off for you all

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21 years for me so we've all served our time but I definitely have isolated certain'triggers' which if i ignore will either result in SVT or PVC incidents.
i am really interested in the fact that you went for 4 months - that is fantastic - but can you not think of anyhthing different in your life that could have contributed to them starting again?
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I've gone upwards of 6 months with barely a hiccup only to bend over for something and BOOM short bout of SVT then weeks and/or months of PVC's.  Last time I didn't even bend over.  Just walking through the grocery store enjoying the musaac (they were playing '80's songs) and it SLAMMED me like a punch in the chest.  Nearly fell on the floor.  The SVT passed quickly (Thank God) but the PVC's and associated discomfort lasted for weeks afterward.  

I'm doing great right now.  It has been 2 months since a serious stretch.  Oh, I get the thump/bump and a few PVC runs here and there, but generally it is completely ignorable.  I don't know what causes them to come on like that and then disappear, but I thank all my lucky stars that they do seem to disappear or at least let up for a good amount of time.  When you are in the throws of episodes though it seems as though this time it might not stop......when will it ease off a bit?  Is this the time when it gets "stuck" on overdrive?  And of course the anxiety over that makes it hang on that much longer.

Always there are triggers...those episodes are "great" because you know exactly what happened.  Man!!  I knew I shouldn't have had that much coffee, or YUP there's the chocolate I gave into this afternoon.  It's the times when NOTHING weird is happening and you've done EVERYTHING right and there is NO change in your behavior, but they happen anyway.  Those are the times that throw you for a loop and make life miserable for a time. **SIGH**

But then you come here, and others remind you that it's okay, and that they WILL go away and if they don't there are options.  That's power, and the power gives us confidence, and the confidence fights the anxiety which helps the dumb things ease up a bit.  So-----------HOOOORRRRAAAAYYYY for this site, and for all of you out there who support it!!!!
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15 yrs and 21 yrs i think dolfnlvr has hers 8-10 i could be wrong i have mine only 3yrs  i'm just a kid i think it great to see folks with these things and be healthy and just getttin on with life.
i know i have been out and about at work and such and when my heart plays up it defo hits the nerves esp when driving or if i am up on a roof but they go away and so does the anxiety.
dolflnvr is right hooorrrraaaaayyy for this forum and the support ......i would love a cup of coffee though!!!
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Wow - dolfinlvr- that was straight form the heart (no pun intended) -  i could feel the passion!
Totally with what you are saying in that the 'trigger hunt' gives a sense of 'well that was my fault' until something comes out of the blue.
Still I never give up!!
An example was last year when I was being really good but started really bad PVC's - none of my rules had been broken but I was reaaly suffering and coukd not blame anything.  this was a low period.
But recently I read about toxic fumes from fires and guess what -  i had been burning regularly big blue plastic bags - in a metal burner and breathing in the fumes for weeks. So now in my tiny little brain I have at least a partial explanation and i will not be burning plastic bags again.
Hooray for this forum - I am totally with that - it has and is helping so many - and Lagoya got me laughing again with his cup of coffee - for me it is Becks lager!!
best wishes to all
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Tara I hope you are having a better day.  Thanks for the prayers.  Has anyone had any success drug free?  Im on Propranolol and Im still getting these stupid things.  Last night I had them in my sleep and they kept waking me up.  I dont have high BP so I dont see why I need to be on these meds.  The side effects are annoying and Im really upset because I hope I didnt give up breastfeeding this week for no reason.  I just dont want the stuff in my body.

Also, do our hearts become reliant on this medicine?  I also wanted to share that I found a really good acupuncturist after a lot of searching and she gave me PVC relief for about 2.5 weeks.  I was also getting purple blotchy legs, feet and hands and I have not had an episode for a month after seeing her.  Shes back in China and Im looking forward to her return.


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Never researched acupunture so thanks for that thought.
I gave up all drugs and rely on living by 'rules' based on avoiding 'triggers' although my doctor keeps offering beta blockers but i hate all medicines and they slow me down too much. You have to be careful if you stop any medication and take your doctors advice.
I used to have to pull off the road pop a beta blocker uner my tongue and sit for ages taking my pulse until i felt able to carry on driving. My life was a nightmare!! I ended up in hospital for a week with a suspected heart attack so have come from a pretty bad place.
Now I'm into moutains and no drugs but still have problems but a good quality of life.
I think we can all do more than we think we can but the hardest part is getting the confidence to start.
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Ive only been on the meds a week so I hope that its no big deal to go off.  The only thing that makes me nervous is that I was getting these really bad bad pains with the PVC's since Ive been on the meds there has been no pain only PVC's.  Do you have pain with them?

I tried Acupuncture a few years ago and didnt get much out of it.  It did give me energy and improved my immune system but nothing for the problems I was trying to treat.  That was a Japenese style.  My friend convinced me to try this really ancient Chinese method.  I could get the exact name later but its really agressive.  The docs couldnt tell me why my legs, feet and arms were turning purple.  They told me I would have to deal with it.  The Acupuncturist looked at my tongue, mumbled something and after 2 treatments I have not had the problem since.  She treated me twice for my heart before I had no more PVC's or pain for a while.  This style focuses on the nerves and electric systems of the body.

Im at my last resort so Im trying anything.
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first, I hope everyone is having a great day.

You are all in my thoughts as I go through my day, and I send out my best thoughts for each and every one of you, with all the pauses and skips too, it seems the pvcs can sometimes interrupt my concentration :-)

I have a special note for lagoya and Greendave, triggers or not, I've had some of my best days recently, and that is with resuming a cup of java in the morning AND I faithfully have a dark, dark, beer at night. I used to think it was clams on the BBQ (what with all the zinc and other things), but now I'm convinced it's the dark beer that I had with the clams. I AM NOT endorsing drinking in anyway, but being anemic, I think the dark beer has increased my iron levels because it's the first time in two years I tested higher for ferriten. I could never get it to budge and I've been taking 3 iron tablets a day. So cheers!!!!!!! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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if u have a dark dark beer at night ..can u have a bright bright beer during the day lol

i am soooooooooo happy for u and thats without having a drink

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I do love a beer (Becks) and found I can tolerate two but need a gap of two days in between . Cheers!!!

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