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SOTALOL causing ED. need Help!!!

I have been on Sotalol 80mg twice a day for six years. I am experiencing some degree of ED. Could this have possibly started causing this after the sixth year. Has anyone experienced anything like this??
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Hi tom_h, Metoprolol is a cardio-selective beta-blocker, or in the the "selective" class of beta blockers.   It only blocks on cardiac receptors (beta-1), so the side effects are limited.

Propranolol and Sotalol are non-selective beta blockers so they block all adrenaline receptors, (beta-1 and beta-2), so a lot more side effects on things that depend on adrenaline.
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I can't speak first hand,but sotalol is a beta blocker.  It blocks the effects of adrenaline.  Adrenaline is critical to erections and achieving orgasm. ao yea, ED is an expected side effect.    
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But whats baffling is that it has not really bothered me for 5 or so years. Why now all of a sudden. I am in perfect health in regards to testerone (849), cholesterol, triglycerides, exercise 6 days a week, and follow a great diet. I am 38 years old. Dont smoke or drink and never did.
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I'm amazed it never affected you before too.  I've taken another beta blocker  called propranolol for PVCs.  I'm otherwise perfect health too.   Even at a low dose, no go.    Shut me down.  Off it, no problems.   I only took it for a short while.  
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I've taken the beta blocker Metoprolol for nearly 10 years at all sorts of strengths.  I've been at 75mg per day for 4 years now.  I'm 64, and no problems.
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