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ST Depression

My wife is taking Wellbutrin and has started developing dizzy spells, and periods of feeling faint.  We thought is was her medication which she has taken for a month and a half without issue.  She went to the doctor and after a EKG she was told that it was not her medication, but a ST depression.  She is being sent to a Cardiologist, but I am very concerned.  What should I know about ST depression and should I be concerned?  In the past she siad she has had times when her heart raced but she never told any one.  Please help me know what we are dealing with!!!
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A picture is worth a thousand words -- it is easier to answer the question if I could see the EKG.  ST depressions can be very non specific and also can mean there are blockages in the heart.  It is very likely that the cardiologist will order a stress test to evaluate for blockages in her heart.  There are too many benign or harmless things that cause ST depression so I don't want you to worry about this.  After the stress test, you will have a better idea what you are dealing with.

I hope this helps.  Good luck.
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Please try not to worry.  There are all kinds of causes of st depresssion ranging from totally harmless (anxiety) to more serious (ischemia).  It is necessary to know how "depressed" they are.  I have approximately 1-2 mm st depression on every ekg I have ever had.  For some people that is normal for them.  I think for it to be something more serious, it is usually a more significant depression.  However, I am not a doctor and I just wanted to let you know my experience.  
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