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ST elevation in early repolarization

I had my EKG done today. I had chest pain for a while, especially after heavy lifting. On  my EKg it says ST segm net elevation and early repolaraization.  Borderline EKG.   What does that mean?

Vent rate 77bpm
PR interval 132 ms
QRS duration 70 ms
Qt/Qts 384/436
P-R-T axers 55 64 63


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Seeing you haven't gotten any readout of your EKG, I must say: ask your doctor, whoever did the EKG.  They should explain even if they have to do it on a follow-up telephone call.  Perhaps someone on the doctor's staff can answer that type question over the phone.

The reply will give you more time on page 1, in case some EKG expert wants to give you a reading.  Of course, you can "google" each of the words and phrases and that will likely give you some information.  
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hi, early repolarization can cause ST segment elevation. But so can damage from a previous heart attack.

So, giving basic info always helps. In this case, age and gender especially. If you are in the category of "young, healthy male", then it is probably nothing wrong

see:   http://www.madsci.com/manu/ekg_st-t.htm      and search for those words

But if you're older, then the ST elevation might be due to some heart condition - see that same cited page for a list of what else can cause ST elevation, including the infamous STEMI. But if they thought you had STEMI, they would have done something.

Btw, all of the parameters you listed seem in the normal range.

The chest pain might be just a chest injury to muscle or connective tissue.
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