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SVT - 2 ablations

Here's my story:

I was diagnosed with SVT after a few years of passing out, having trouble breathing, and fatigue. I have been through cardiologists like pages in a book and finally have found a great DR. After being referred to him last year, my first appointment with him, he told me that he'd like to perform a cardiac ablation, which I agreed too. This was in January of this year. After finding out that the ablation was unsuccessful, he put me on Nadolol, metoprolol, and diltiazem. After a fews months of unsuccessful tries with a bunch of different medications, he decided he wanted to ablate again, as there was something really wrong, which was not responding to any medication given. I just had my second ablation done, Wednesday of last week, which was successful. It was found that I had sinus node malfunction. He ablated about six places, stayed over night and sent me home the next day on no medication except for the Nadolol.

It's been 4 days post ablation and I feel very awkward. I cannot sleep whatsoever. Everytime I lay down, it feels has if my heart is racing, although, when I check my pulse, it's at a normal rate. I can feel/see my chest "banging". I feel occasional flutters and having a lot of chest pain directly in the middle of my chest and as well as in my upper back and shoulder area. My stomach is also pretty messed up. Feels like a gas pocket moving around everywhere, but it's not. Tightness in my stomach and chest. I felt fine the 2 days after my ablation and all of a sudden this hit me. I feel as if I'm constantly gasping for air and of course, gasping for air makes my chest hurt more.

Any insight? If this worsens or I don't feel better by tomorrow morning, I'm going to call my doctor.
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I think your question.  Why wait?  I'd call today.  It's normal to feel occasional flutters, and skips for months after the procedure.  Your symptoms do not sound normall,  Mine has finally settled down near a year and half later.  If you feel that something is wrong, call.
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Grrr!!... no edit feature!! >>> I think you answered your question.
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To be honest, I wouldn't mess around with those symptoms. If it were myself, I would have gone to the ER. Please take care of yourself and get evaluated asap.
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