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SVT and Inapropriate sinus tachycardia, SA node dysfunction

Hi all,

It seems that svt can come from 3 main sources: 1). an overzealous SA node, 2). another focus that takes over for some reason and overrides the sa node and/or 3). a reentry circuit. I have 1 and/or 2 but not the third.

Does anyone know for sure if the SA node is capable of firing at 60 and then jumping to 120ish for a run of beats? And do you know why this happens?

Secondly, does anyone know why a second focus starts to override the SA node?

Does anyone have input on SA node dysfunction? My doc says mine might be abnormal as the pacing drops percipitously in the recovery period from a high heart rate but says it's 100% not life threatening. Seems strange that it stops and starts but is still fine. Anyone have luck with SA node modification? Anyone have to have it removed and replaced with an autonomic pacemaker?


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I did talk with you a little bit in your other post. If I'm reading this one correctly, you're asking some "why" questions. Why does the heart suddenly go from 60 to 120? Or how does the second foci take over? I've honestly never thought about it. My heart will jump from 65 to 190 in a heart beat, race along for a bit and then drop back to 65. It's called PSVT. Why does it do that? I don't know. It just does. . . .

I thought you also had a question about IST. Any more information on that?
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I've been following your post to see what experience would be shared.  Sorry to see none has shown up yet, and your post is about to drop off the front page.

From my limited knowledge it occurs to me that you may need a pacemaker.  This is very uncommon for a person of your young age.  Did you doctor express any concern that you heart might just stop?  I am not trying to bring up anxiety, but that is a question I'd ask if my heart rate jumped around.  I guess given the low point is a healthy 60 bpm, as stop may not be a concern.

Wishing the best outcome,
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