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SVT post Ablation, Metoprolol ETC

27 yr old female
5*11 / 198 lbs.
Active (volleyball regularly at high competition)
Diagnosed with SVT in 2004

I have had minor SVT episodes since high school that never got to the point of affecting my every day routine, just were annoying to handle as many can understand I am sure.  At the first of the year, I started to notice issues at my volleyball tournaments.  I would start dripping excessively with sweat after just one game.  And sweat more in between plays than I was during.  My skin would be ice cold and I would have trouble breathing.  I was having increase episodes of the fluttering, skipped beat feeling.  Also was having the feeling of my heart stopping, pausing and then almost flipping to start again.  PCP referred me to a "plumber" cardiologist who told me based on EKG, ECHO and 24 hour monitor, nothing was wrong.  I was "too young to be having the issues I feel, hHe would not be preceding with treatment or medication".  At that point, I couldn't carry my daughter (2 years old) to her room and sing to her without almost feeling like I will drop her from the pressure in my heart, chest, head and also shortness of breath.  I called back to my PCP and she referred me to an EP in the same practice after being rushed to the ER at a volleyball tournament for feeling like I was having a heart attack.  The EP stated that everything I was feeling was matching up to a more severe version of SVT and he wanted to perform a 4 week monitor study to see the heart in action daily.  Within three days of the start of the study, he called and said there was no need to go further, during activity my heart rate went to 198 and I had other episodes just from stairs at home at 160.  I had an ablation the following week.

Since the ablation everything has gone crazy.  And this is where I am looking for help.  During my ablation I had an episode of increased heart rate while he was ablating one area.  He was doing a two minute ablation and for the last 45 seconds I could feel it all.  I was in tears, trying not to move, but was almost choking from the closing feeling in my throat.  I went into AF and the knocked me out to shock me back.  They had to do 2 rounds to get me back.  I felt okay, just extremely tired after the procedure.  Went home, and had drug hangover for 3 days.  The first day after the ablation though, I sat up from a chair and bent over, and had a searing/shooting pain straight through the center of my heart off center to the left just a hair.  In the same spot I felt him performing the ablation he day before.  It took me a good 5 minutes to get to the point where I could move, breath and get back into the chair.  Again tears took over for a few, and now since the ablation (2 months ago) I still randomly get that same sharp pain approximately one inch from my sternum on the left side.  I now have worse symptoms than when I started.

I have now started to get headaches.  The feeling before a migraine hits that puts pressure behind the eyes, at the base of the head a triggers nausea.  I have dizzy spells when this happens too.  Vision is blurry in my left eye, more so than I have ever had trouble with.  I have a constant tightness in my throat, and increase pressure in my chest whenever I eat.  Or, whenever I haven't eaten for an extended period of time.  We have caught multiple episodes of the tachycardia and also PAC's on EKGS.  My hands are swelling morning and night and my feet are just swelling at night.  I have tingling pains in both arms at different times.  Most days, it is my right arm, starting in my shoulder by my neck, through my elbow into my wrist.  Just recently I have noticed it in my left.   Approximately three weeks ago I started having a burning sensation in the area at the bottom of my rib cage that is constant.  Almost like it is the base of my lungs.  Around the same time I also developed a slight pain in the right side of my abdomen below my ribs.  That pain has progressed to my side and all the way into my back.  Heat nor ice seem to help.  Pain meds aren't taking the edge off either.  My PCP sent me to a GI now to see if I have something GI related going on.  GI prescribed DEXILANT to see if maybe anything is related to reflux (no relief).  I have had an abdominal ultrasound which showed no gallstones, a gall bladder function test which was normal and a endoscopy today, which showed everything as normal as well.  He ran a Celiac blood panel, a thyroid panel and a metaenepherines panel all of which are normal.

I know there has to be something underlying here.  My GI doctor is intrigued so he keeps ordering tests, but there is only so much he can do.  I am now on pain meds, the Dexilant and Metoprolol.  And I feel like I'm losing my mind.  I can't hardly sleep, when I do I'm waking up with a racing heart beat or a sharp pain in my side.  I am exhausted 24/7 and its effecting me as a mom.

Anyone have thoughts or ideas?
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