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I have had one ablation at MCG, Augusta, Ga (minimal success).  I am now have chest pain and chronic fatigue.  What is the proper protocol for obtaining a appointment with an EP at your facility... could you recommend a physician?

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Ventricular tachycardia.  Only one was ablated (Dr. Berman said it was like trying to round up sheep) They could not be sustained long enough to ablate.  I will be moving to Ocala, Florida in the next few months and do not know about care in that area - so I want to keep Cleveland Clinic as my next choice of treatment if needed.  Could luck to you in North Carolina - It's lovely there.
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Hi Sue,
Just to clarify, if you are talking about the Cleveland Clinic -- call 216-444-6697.  That is the number to cardiology scheduling.  Honestly, you can see any of the EP physicians and you will get world class care.  The are truly great.  Make sure you bring all your records -- echo results, labs, ekg, procedure reports from your ablation, etc.

MCG is a very good institution.  It might be worth seeing them again about your concerns unless you feel like they are not adequately addressing them.  Continuity of care does help sometimes.

I finished my training at the Cleveland Clinic in June and am now in Wilmington NC.  If you are interested in coming here my scheduling number is 910-341-3301.

Do you mind if I ask what the arrhythmia was that was ablated ?

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