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SVT's gone

Being diagnosed with PVST and having my cardio Dr. want to give me an ablation gave me the willys. I pasted and glad I did. Still smoke, even had 4 beers and 2 margaritas the other night for a grad night and no palps.

Still on Verapamil 240 mg but I now know it was just a matter of my heart healing itself from whatever abuse I was giving it. I changed things up. So there is hope for those pesky beats without surgery.

Glad to see everyone is doing well.

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Hi there,
Really glad to hear that you are feeling fine at the moment.
I'm not here to burst your bubble, but I have had PSVT for 20 years now, and in the past, I have had periods of a couple of months without feeling a thing and then, out of the blue, needing to go into hospital with a bad episode.
These days, I get something almost daily though.
I really hope you don't get any more, but your medication could be working for you right now. Just be aware, it might still rear it's ugly head even with medication (medication has so far never worked for me), or especially if you stop taking it.
I hope I am wrong and that you enjoy a PSVT - free life. Good Luck!
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Hey jyant, I was just wondering about you yesterday.  I checked your post history and saw that you hadn't been around for a while.  Hope you're well.

"SVT gone" .....for now.... but you'll be back..... you'lllll be back......  and we'll be here!  Good to see you, man.  -tom_h-

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