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Safe Blood Pressure on Metoprolol Succinate

Hey, all. I'm a relatively young and healthy guy who has SVT with frequent PVCs. In the last month I've noticed an increase in SVT episodes and they're getting tiresome. My cardiologist wants to up my dosage of Metoprolol, but my normal BP is already 90s/60s and my resting HR is currently 58. He assures me that taking more won't have much impact on either and won't "bottom me out". I'd be moving from the tiny dose of 37.5 to a full tiny dose of 50. Lol

Obviously I'm just worried that my numbers are already so low that going lower will make me symptomatic and miserable. Am I wrong to assume that taking a higher dose will lower my BP and HR even more, or does it pretty much stay the same when it's already this low?
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I found that Metoprolol was ineffective in preventing SVT episodes.  I was taking as much as 200mg. per day and still having breakthru episodes.  There are much better alternatives to Metoprolol, bit it's often prescribed as its like the Tic-Tac of beta blockers, and easily tolerated by most.  I would work with your physician to find another antiarrhythmic that is more suitable in preventing your episodes.
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