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Scared Heart Symptoms

I'm a 13 year old girl and very scared. I have been feeling a lot of symptoms to a stroke or heart attack, but everyone says that I'm too young to have anything wrong with my heart, and that it is muscular. But I'm feeling a lot of chest pain and other symptoms that won't go away and I want to clear things up. Otherwise, I'm very active and healthy. Here are my symptoms:
chest pain in lower middle
tingling/numbness in fingers and hands sometimes
fast heartbeat
       Today, I read in a brochure about a disease called AF, and I had all the symptoms, and I want to know if there is a possibility I can have it. Please get back too me, I need to know and I want to be healthy, because these symptoms are giving me slight anxiety, because I think it's something serious. The tests done on me have been EKG's, blood tests, and my blood pressure. All were normal, and I really want to know what's wrong? Do you know? What can I do?
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Hello minkies, your symptoms are somehow related to mine when I was a teenager say 16yrs.I was very active.but the only thing I did not experience as a teenager is dizziness until I became 18 to 20yrs old.I was eventually diagnosed as having a mitral valve prolapse after undergoing a EKG while exercising.I visited so many physician clinic while I was a teenager and did a lot of screening and they came out negative.Most physicians concluded that I was too young to have a heart disease and that I should stop drinking coke or other caffienated drinks.I tried avoiding the drinks then and it helps a little.However I am currently under a physician care.
Take care.
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Thanx for your comment, my doctor said the same thing about caffienated drinks and sugar, she said I just had a naturally fast heartbeat, and told me to go to a cardiologist, which didn't know what was wrong. Thanks
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Sounds like you could be dealing with anxiety, though I don't want to assume anything.  You've had blood tests, EKG and office visits at which time your doctor felt you were in good health.  I am not a doctor, and while your symptoms are frustrating, I cannot imagine it is anything serious.  

If you check over at the anxiety forum, you will find that a lot of people have the same exact symptoms.  Not that you are anxious, but it could be adding to your symptoms.  Palpitations (an awareness of one's own heartbeat) is common and with a structurally normal heart, nothing to be worried about.  

Atrial fibrillation is a very rapid heartbeat, sometimes reaching 250-300bpm.  I don't think you have afib.  That most likely would have shown up on an EKG.

Aside from watching the caffeinated beverages, do you get any regular exercise?  Walking sometimes helps to get our minds off of the symptoms and before you know it, you're feeling much better.  Also, watch the foods high in sugar...

Hope you're feeling better.  Enjoy the day!
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Thankyou so much for the comment, you have no idea how much this means to me. And I admit that i am very anxious when I get these symptoms, because I keep on thinking Im going to have some problem with my heart. I am going to check in into the anxiety forum, and thanks for the help. I do exersice a lot, that's what Im confused about. I used to eat and still do eat sugar, just like any other kid would, but very recently I've gotten a little scared and started cutting down on high cholestoral foods, sugar, and started eating a lot of fiber. Thanks for the advice again. It's very much appreciated!!
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You're welcome.  Try not to let this stuff worry you too much...

Try not to worry too much about cutting back on foods.  Just try to eat some fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, and maybe cut back a little on the sugar.  If it helps, that's great.  If not, it's still a good idea : )

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DO NOT LET IT GO GET CHECKED OUT please its not common for kids your age to have cheast pains
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if i may say how come u are not discussing this with your parents at 13 u should not be worrying about things like u say .u write very well and seem to have a good knowledge of things.but if u feel things in the heart department are not right for u speak to your parents and to your doc and if it is just anxiety try to get it resolved now and start enjoying your youth as it should be

take care
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good point
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Hi, Minkies,

I should start off by saying that having had AF (atrial fibrillation) myself for years, you should know that if you have it it will not change your life expectancy.  You might need to take a med to reduce symptoms like the palpitations, but that's about it.

Also, all your symptoms could be anxiety related and not AF at all.  (I am not a med professional, but I have anxiety as well as AF :-)

One thing that occurs to me is your age - hormonal changes can bring on episodes of AF.  I am wondering if this is a temporary thing because you're around the age of puberty.

If this continues to bother you, one thing you could ask about is wearing a Holter monitor.  This is a little device about the size of a pack of cards.  It records an EKG continuously for a day or two days or even a month.  Then it could catch the palpitations, depending on how often you have them, and the doctor could tell from the EKG if they are AF or not.  Even if they are, they might well go away by themselves as your body gets more adult or you get less anxious.

I hope you feel better.  At least you know that your doc is right, in that nothing serious is going on, even though palpitations are scary for the person having them, I know.
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I agree that you should get it checked out by a cardiologist.  I had "palpitations" for several years and my primary doctor kept telling me not to worry--everyone had them and women my age didn't have heart attacks.  He did ECGs, and found nothing.  In every other way, this doctor was wonderful, so I had no reason not to trust him.

Because the fast heartbeat episodes were so annoying, I found another doctor who got me to a cardiologist who discovered I have atrial fibrillation.  I agree with "Kutzie."  Kids your age shouldn't have chest pains.  One ECG will not determine if you have a heart problem, unless you are having symptoms at the time the ECG is being done--that's why Holter and event monitors can be helpful, but you'll only get them from a cardiologist.  

It could be anxiety, it could be mitral valve prolapse, it could be atrial flutter, it could be hormones--any number of things, some more serious than others.  But if it's AF, there are simple fixes--millions of people live normal lives with constant atrial fib or flutter by taking the right meds, others are able to have what's called an ablation which actually stops the symptoms.  Those of us with paroxsymal AF are more aware of it because it isn't constant, but we're doing just fine and living long, healthy lives.  I'm 60 now and have been living with a-fib AND a-flutter for 30 years.

Get it checked out--then, if it's nothing, you'll know and you won't be anxious about it.

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Uh....sorry. I should have said this in my original post--there are two types of cardiologists:  plumbers and electricians.  For heart rythmn problems, you need an electrician--an electrophysiologist or EP.
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Being under pressure or having troubles in personal life for a long time could cause these symptoms.

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