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Scared of EKG printout diagnosis

I have been having some skipped heart beats and runs of fast beats. I am prone to these, but yesterday they are scared the crap our of me. I called 111 and asked for an ambulance crew to check my heart, etc. The 111operater was very nice and said from all the answers to questions she asked, it wasn't an emergency but she would send one. They got here quickly, did an EKG and other things. Well, they said the EKG was great, just a fast heart, which I knew, but I saw the print out on top and it said it was "abnormal" and could possibly indicate myocardial ischemia which means blocked arteries, I asked the tech and she said they don't worry about the printout, they look at the tracings themselves as the EKG is set up to be very sensitive and is not always correct in the diagnosis. She said it was a good tracing. Well, after they left, I completely lost it and had a huge panic attack. I was crying uncontrollably, hollering that I needed help, that I was dying, etc. I had Steve take me to the ER, it was spooky due to the Covid-19, but my fear over my heart overrode it. They took another EKG and the doctor said it was perfect except for the fast heart rate ( just like the EMT said with the one they took). I didn't ask to see this one, I am taking the doctors word for it. The doctor said that they don't pay attention to the print out diagnosis, they too read the tracings and mine was fine. She listened to my heart and lungs and neck, all was well. I was then discharged. I know I should be happy, but I am in tears and scared out of my mind. I had a couple of skips a few minutes ago and I almost lost it again. My nerves are shot, everything is scaring me, I can't calm down, plus this damn giddiness is still bothering me, I don't know how much more I can take.

Why would the machine say I have ischemia but the doctor say the tracings are normal and not worry. Now, every time I feel a small blip or skip I am terrified that it is due to clogged arteries.
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"Why would the machine say I have ischemia but the doctor say the tracings are normal and not worry." they gave you the answer twice. It's just a case of now believing what they told you. They have no reason to lie to you.
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Also as a Heart Electrical Professional I also wish the machine wouldn’t print that stuff on the top.

It’s basically worthless.
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Thank you, after reading your comment, I feel better now. The doctor also said that, but for some reason, seeing your comment calmed me down more.
Glad I could help!

It actually messes with new doctors and such too! It’s not just patients! New doctors see what the machine says at the top and it distracts them and makes them biased.

The machine diagnosis actually makes it HARDER for some people to read an EKG.

Some rhythms like AFIb it can identify easily. But for ischemia and hypertrophy it’s wrong more often than it’s right for sure..

It’s basically as dumb as a box of rocks. It’s not very advanced technology.
In fact!

Check out this thread! Same thing! This persons young and healthy.. you can see the same thing from her ECG. Everyone has it.

Thank you again. Maybe they should not have the machine give "diagnosis" It seems it does more harm than good.
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Hey SassyLassie,

Machine says the patient has ischemia or “can not rule out ischemia or infarct” basically every third patient.

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I recently had an EKG, and mine said something about myocardial infarction, which is a heart attack. My cardiologist said that it might mean blockages, and I had all kinds of testing done, and I'm fine, just a rapid heart beat.

Apparently, those are just suggestions, not diagnoses.

Do you talk to anyone about your anxiety? You should consider that if you don't already.
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We have discussed my health anxiety, but I don't want any of those drugs, they ALL have opposite reactions on me and I feel worse. He is in hopes that after he refers me to a cardiologist and I have some of the tests I want done, it will help.
You don't necessarily need meds for treatment for anxiety. Therapy can help a lot by itself.
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Hi there SassyLassie,  I'm sure sorry you had this experience and it has created such anxiety for you.  You were evaluated for an emergency, acute situation and they didn't find any reason to suspect that you were in danger.  This is good news.  However, that doesn't necessarily mean you should not then begin to understand any non acute situation you have going on.  Right now is a time in which medical care is a little frightening to get because going to the doctors is riskier with the covid-19 virus lurking.  But this will pass.  And at some point, talking to your doctor about what you read on the report will be something you can do.  Do you have a regular doctor?  Could you give them a call to discuss two things with them?  The first thing is the issues surrounding your fear of 'clogged arteries' and the second is your great anxiety that you are currently feeling.  They may have some suggestions for you and you will begin feeling more in control and like you have a plan.

For coronary artery disease and 'blocked arteries', the advice is often to healthy lifestyle things you are familiar with.  Keeping blood pressure in check, keeping blood sugar in check and managing diabetes properly, diet, exercise (if cleared by physician), not smoking, maintaining proper weight, watching cholesterol and lowering if needed, etc.  

Remember too that anxiety and panic can cause symptoms that feel similar to that of heart issues.  

Here's an article https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/clogged-arteries-arterial-plaque  It states the first thing that is often done is to work on those lifestyle things which is something you can begin now while in the social distancing situation of covid-19.  We're here to help you.  
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I have talked to my doctor about my fear of the abnormal EKG. He said that so many of them have that print out on them, but it is nothing, he said they all only look at the tracing and since mine was good, they ignored what was written.He said he wishes that the machine would not print those "diagnosis" out as they cause so much needless fear.  He has decided to go along with referring me to a cardiologist however for an echo and holter monitor, he is doing this to help set my mind more at ease. I am not sure when I will get in due to the Covid-19 lock-down, but at least I will be in the system.
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Any ideas, all answers would be appreciated, I am still pretty shook up and the skips are with me, they feel like little soft blips.
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