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Shakey, high pulse rate, heart pounds, weakness

For the last few weeks I think to myself "this must be what withdrawals feel like" (though I have nothing to withdraw from unless calcium supplements qualify) and I feel like the life is being sucked out of me... I am shakey (more inner than outer, if that makes sense), I feel weak and tired, my pulse races, and as I lie in bed at night my heart simply Pounds... I'm a 46 yr old female, don't have hot flashes, and I am about 30 pounds overweight, but carry it with my 6'1" frame. I work in software, so I sit for hours on end - get some exercise here and there at the pool, or walking the dog. My father has had 3 strokes now - my grandfather died after his 2nd. Do my symptoms sound like there could be a problem with my heart? And if not, does anyone recognize these symptoms, and have you had a satisfying diagnosis?
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Have you seen your family doctor and talked about what you are experiencing?  That is where you would begin.

If you get a clean checkup, and your doctor says something about anxiety or panic, do not dismiss that.  When you have physical symptoms, the temptation is great to keep on looking for an organic cause, but the mind is no less capable of generating such symptoms.  That is very common, and the treatment includes a few sessions with a counselor to see what might actually be troubling you, and to work out means to deal with that problem.

To go a little further, if you pass your EKG and so on, one key to whether or not your heart is in a bad state is the answer to a simple question:  Can you perform ordinary daily activity?  If you can take a walk, go up stairs in about the same way as you have done much of your adult life, or make a dash to collect your dog when he strays into the street, the chances are that your heart is OK.  People with a sick heart usually are incapable of doing these simple things. In general, they are truly, visibly sick.

That said, your heredity on your father's side doesn't sound terrific.  If your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, I'd say you would be wise to schedule regular physical activity into *every single day,* like a half-hour dog walk at the minimum, for the rest of your life.  Your dogs would love it, too.
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Thank you so much for your reply ... I do appreciate your consideration. I will see my doctor shortly - btw,  I did forget to mention that I have a slight fever (100 degrees) frequently...so I'll make sure to let my doctor know.

One thing I do wonder about after reading your reply. My Dad and my grandfather were able to walk up a flight of stairs, and run after their dog, play tennis, etc. So, having strokes is not necessarily coupled to a sick heart?
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Fever, huh?  Considering your other symptoms, I have to wonder if your thyroid has been checked.  Has it?

About strokes--no, they are not strongly linked to a sick heart, not generally.  There are a couple of different kinds of strokes: the most common kind is caused by a clot that obstructs the flow of blood to a part of the brain; that's an ischemic stroke.  It is thought to be caused by a buildup of plaque or a clot, which may be be related to cholesterol buildup, etc.,or sometimes by atrial fibrillation.

The other type of stroke is called hemorrhagic and is usually the result of a blowout of a fragile part of a blood vessel, kind of like a bursting balloon.  The blood that leaks out compresses nearby brain tissue. Sometimes these strokes are also caused by malformation of blood vessels in the brain.

Strokes are linked to high blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes, but they are disorders strongly related to the condition of the blood vessels, not of the heart itself.
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i think you need to go to the docs hun,having a regular fever on and off isnt normal,maybe thats causing the pounding sensation,who knows but between the two get it checked out anyways.
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Never had any of the above checked...I'll take your advice (and yours Nicoette) and see my doctor ...I now definitely have something to ask my doctor to check if he doesn't (want to) find anything...
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