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Sharp Chest Pain

Hi - I am a 41 year very healthy female.  I run 5 miles per day.  A few months ago I was having some fluttering and abnormal heart beats that after wearing a monitor all checked out ok (PVCS).  I have had all the tests, echo, ekg, holter and event monitor.  I had a stress test 3 years ago, all normal.  My cholesterol is 170 and my bp is 100/60.  Resting pulse 60.  My question is this...a few times over the last couple of weeks I have had this intense stabbing pain either on the left side or right side of my chest.  Last night it was so bad that it woke me up from sleep.  It only lasted about a minute then goes away.  Once I start moving around it seems to go away.  No other symptoms with it, other than the ones I create from my panic:)  Is this something I should go back to my cardiologist with even though he told me that my heart was in great shape?  Could it just be muscle pain?  I'm scared.

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Hello Bannanon~Wow, your cholesterol, b/p and resting pulse is stellar, nothing wrong in those areas. Since you have had all the tests, and they have been "normal" I don't think I would worry too much. The sharp pains are more than likely muscular in nature, most heart related pains are not "sharp or stabbing" However, if you really are scared, then I would by all means see the cardiologist again, peace of mind is worth millions.

Another suggestion, if you do not see a chiropractor, it might be a good idea, sometimes when I have these sharp pains, my mid back or rib is out and he fixes it and I am fine. Also, "Costochondritis can cause these sharp pains, I would ask about that as well.
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I'm a 62 year-old who has been very physically active all of my adult life.  Heading into my late forties with a stressful job and and experiencing physical changes due to aging, I began to experience sharp pains in my chest also - very frightening, yes - but in my case evidently not related to a faulty heart.  I've found that I have had good luck with understanding that my body cannot happily sustain the kind of physical and mental stresses that I put it to year after year....sometimes its good to "give it a rest" or try a new form (or level) of exercise that might reduce the level of redundant stress (with the resultant strains and nerve issues) that high-use body parts have to deal with.  Try it -
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