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Short QT or normal?


I'm a 21 year old male, about to turn 22. I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and I had recently done this ECG while coming off lexapro (I was on a 2.5mg dosage at the point when I had the ECG). The report is as follows:

Vent. Rate: 78 bpm
PR interval: 162 ms
QRS duration: 92 ms
QT interval: 332 ms
QTc interval: 365 ms
P/QRS/T axis: 76/87/70
RV5/SV1 amp.: 2.12/1.07 mV
RV5+SV1 amp.: 3.19 mV

1100 *Sinus Rhythm*
40303 *Early Repolarization*
9110 *Normal ECG*

Apart from anything, I was mostly worried about my QT interval which seems to be a bit low. Could this possibly be an indication of short QT syndrome, or is it not low enough? I have calculated the J-point to T-peak interval (which I heard is also relevant in diagnosing short QT) and have found that the lowest one is 130ms (+/- 5% error from estimation; estimation should be pretty accurate as I measured on the picture of the ECG digitally; for ex, I calculated QT, and I got 328, 2% off the value the report gave), and on average 150ms. Please let me know about this, as well as if my report is fine overall! Thanks!

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Your QT interval is completely normal. Try your best to forget your QT interval. :-)
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Thanks for your reply. If it changes anything, I have also found an earlier EKG with a ventricular rate of 96 and QT (uncorrected) 326. Shouldn't my uncorrected QT be lower, or does it stop decreasing with increased heart rate like this? Sorry for disturbing you with such questions, but my anxiety sometimes gets the best out of me...
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No. It's exactly like me. See my EKG on my profile. My QT doesn't vary so much with heart rate either.

Everyone have their unique relationship between QT time and heart rate. The Bazett formula is not precise, it often overcorrects at high heart rate and undercorrect at low ones.
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Well, if that is so and my QT doesn't vary that much with heart rate, isn't an uncorrected QT of around 330 like mine too small?
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Ahh never mind, I see that you also have uncorrected QT 330 :) Thanks a lot!
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