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Should I be concerned about low heart rate?

I am a 31 year old female. I check my heart rate periodically throughout the day. Usually when I wake up it ranges from 45-50 bpm. Sometimes it is as low as 38. I workout at moderate intensity an hour a day 6 days a week, but would not consider myself an athlete. I first noticed my slow heart rate when I first lost weight 3 years ago. I have noticed my heart rate seems to be lower when I am the most strict with my diet. I don't have any dizziness or problems with energy, aside from when I am hungry (sometimes feel almost like I am going to pass out, but I never have). Every time I go to the doctor my heart rate is around 60 and my doctor doesn't know that it goes so low. I went to a cardiologist about 2 years ago after getting an ekg during my annual checkup showing a long qt interval. The cardiologist at the time said my heart was fine. Should I be concerned about the slow pulse? Should I tell my doctor?
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Yes I would keep a record of it and let dr know
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Normal heart rate is 60-100 but that doesn't mean someone's normal doesn't fall outside that range.  I have heard others mention heart rates as low as yours with no other heart problems.  It is not unheard of for people's heart rates to dip below normal especially at night.  If you are not having any symptoms related to the low heart rate then you likely have nothing to worry about but I would mention what you have found to your doctor and see what they say.  It might be best to get checked out just to be sure.  I would also make sure when you are strict with your diet you compensate with plenty and maybe even extra water.  It may help with any dizziness.  Take care.  
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You don't get any kind of headache or head pains?
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