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Should I be on Beta Blocker?

Hello, I'm a 32 year old male, healthy until this past September when I had a fainting episode. Since then I've had a racing heart beat upon standing. I've undergone extensive testing on my heart, everything from an echo to a CT angiogram and all is well structurally and my arteries are clean as a whistle so all good news there. I also wore an event monitor for 3 weeks which picked up sinus tachycardia and PACs.

This whole business with my heart just started as some "skipped beats" here and there. It's evolved into this racing heart rate upon standing or with light exertion. At rest my heart is well within the norm. Upon waking in the am it be as low as 58. It typically rises a bit as the day goes by and can get up to as high as 82 while seated but always goes back down into the 60s at night. It's getting up that is the problem. Standing can send it well up into the 100s. Walking around in the grocery store it may be in to 110s, or even 120s. I've tried getting up to do something I enjoy the past several days, fishing, and after just standing and casting for 45 minutes my heart rate was over 130, approaching 140. Now, I haven't been getting much physical activity this past 6 months. I'm sure that de-conditioning is certainly a factor here, but back when I wore my event monitor last October de-conditioning really shouldn't have been a factor, and it was doing the same then. I was prescribed a beta blocker then, but was on Paxil at the time and couldn't take it because of a drug interaction.

My questions is should I go ahead and get on it now since I'm off the paxil? Also will I be able to strengthen my heart while on it? I think it would benefit me in several ways since I also have borderline high blood pressure and anxiety as well. But if it's going to cause serious problems in the long term I don't want to bother with it... I guess I'm just looking to talk with someone who's been on them a while. Please share your experience. Thanks :)
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A lot of people are prescribed low dose beta blocker for palpitations so I would think this would qualify.  Though your heart rate isn't totally out of line.  The issue is you are feeling it acutely and the beta blocker may help.  Considering your heart is otherwise healthy I would suggest trying to get some cardio in to get your heart reconditioned and see if that helps.  Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, carbohydrates and sugary foods.   Eating heavy meals can cause a rise in heart rate as well stomach issues like indigestion or acid reflux can contribute as well.  So I would say just try to get back in shape and watch your diet and see if that helps.  if not then maybe consider a beta blocker. Take care.  
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Thanks for the response. Would you say its typical of someone out of shape to have a heart rate increase to 130 after standing for about an hour with a little exertion like casting and reeling? I know I'm out of shape.
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