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Should I be taking Metoplorol

a few days ago my cardiologist put me on metoplorol 25 mg twice a day.

I have WPW, i get 2-3 episodes per year of tachycardia (200-230 BPM) that last about 60-90 minutes and go away on their own. i am otherwise in good health. 38 year old male.
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Metoprolol is a widely used beta blocker and your dose is rather low.  I hope you are taking a slow release (called ER, extended release) formulation.  If not, you may be able to take it only once a day, still ER is best and may be the only formulation, it is what I take.  In any case, it may help with the occasional tachycardia, time will tell.  The low dose level should also reduce unwanted side effects.  
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i have been given the regular tablets, i guess. I take 25 mg in the  am and the 25 mg 12 hours later. i am just not sure i should be taking these as episodes are 2-3 x per year. does it make sense to take these everyday for episodes that happen less often. I just dont know, i am a bit confused.....thats all......
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Hi there
I've been taking metoprolol (25mgs. twice a day) for a couple of years now for my SVT's.
I drink and I have never had any adverse effects due to an interaction between the alcohol and the medication.
Some people don't tolerate Metoprolol well, but the only side effect I have is occassional, temporary blacking out when I stand up quickly.
This is far preferable though to the trips I was having to make to emergency when I couldn't convert my SVT's by doing the Valsava manouevre.
My cardiologist tells me SVT's become more intense and frequent with time and this has proven to be correct.
I think your cardiologist is being proactive and wise.
I didn't know what my SVT's were for many years. They came and went on their own within about a half hour each time and I paid them little mind. Then one day I suddenly had a very severe one. By the time the ambulance came I was barely conscious, very distressed and needed a shot of adenosine. The whole thing was extremely scarey. Your doctor I'm sure is putting you on Metoprolol to spare you a similar experience. I think you would be smart to take it as long as you don't experience any side effects.
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