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Should I consider pregnancy??

I have had SVT for a little over two years now. Been hospitalized twice, last time in 7/09 and had an ablation about two years ago. Since my last hospitalization I have been taking Metoprolol 75 mg twice daily. I have not had any episodes since regulalrly taking my meds. I have two children and really would like a third. Has anyone been pregnant and taken a beta blocker and if so what was your experience? My prior pregnancies were before my SVT diagnosis and both were so uneventful. My cardio says he thinks all should be fine if I do get pregnant but I am a bit worried about being pregnant and taking meds.
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i had svt during my pregnancy. one cardiologist told me it was safe to take inderal during pregnancy and another said it was not a great idea because it can cause heart block in baby. i chose not to take the inderal and suffered through my second trimester, but the svt got much better by my third trimester and was fine for my labor and delivery. It did not act up again until after I had my daughter and was nursing, so I took the inderal symptomatically and finally had an ablation about a year later. I dont know how involved your svt is, but taking the meds when you are feeling symptoms could be an option. My SVT has since recurred and I am also currently thinking about another pregnancy. I suggest that you talk to your OBGYN and cardiologist and see what they recommend. Good luck to you!!
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I had PSVT during all three of my pregnancies ( no meds and before I even knew about ablations). The tachy times were a nuisance but other than that, the pregnancies and deliveries all went without a problem.
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