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Sick Sinus Syndrome messes up 3 step fitness test?

i was diagnosed Sick Sinus Syndrome 2 years ago. Also did echo that was normal. Doctor said that i should exercise, not smoke and have good diet.

Which i did: i am  biking with no problem, i can run 1500m without being much exhausted; i can lift  more  weights than ever.

Then i found so called 3 step fitness test from internet. I was told teher to make 96bpm steps up and down on 30 cm bench, and them measure heart rate 1 minute.

I expected good result, but i did get 140+ first time and 130+ second time. By what twas said it is very poor.

Yet i made that test without even feeling it,  not even sweating.

My resting heart rate is 60-70, and in varies lot when i breath in or out (sinus arrhythmia),

Question is: Can Sick Sinus Syndrome mess my real cardiovascular fitness? I cant imagine i have so weak heart, and yet i can run, bike and exercise every day with no problem.

Should i train on to make my endurance better or not, i afraid that i can drop dead while my daily running?
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If it were me and my doctor was encouraging me to exercise,  I would train on.

I have never heard of a three minute step test. It sounds like this test just tries to measure your level of fitness,  but I have some doubts.  If you train hard, to the point of long term fatigue,  your heart rate may be elevated. I doubt whether the test always produces meaningful results.

Now,  did the doctor give you any guidelines though? This is an area where I would have questions. Exercise is one thing.  Extreme Training is something a little different.  I think the important thing is to stay in touch with yourdoctor,  and follow their advice.  If you have questions,  call and ask.
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Doctor gave no guidelines. I just asked can i exercise and run. He gave green light,

3 minute step test is meant to test you cardiovascular fitness, namely how fast you heart rate can recover inside one minute. You step up and down 30 cm bench  3 minutes and then you test how fast your hart rate can recover,

Ratings for Men, Based on age   36-45
Excellent         49-76
Good 79-84 87-93
Above Average 92-88
Average         100-105
Below Average 108-113
Poor                 116-124
Very Poor         130-163

In fitness centers they would ask me doctor permission i guess.

But i can exercise! That is confusing, yet i have SSS and my heart rate is messed hup and sometimes is hard to count pulse when it goes bump-bump-bump-------bump-------bump-bump-bump-bump.
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it would turn from 100 bpm to 60 bpm instantly. That what SS does. Thats why i asked, does SSS mess up my 3 min step test result?

And how i can measure my real Cardio fitness when i cannot count my pulse?
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Good point. I suppose it could be gauged by how well you feel after long distance run, but I am starting to feel weak on the topic.  The main thing is to follow your doctors advice first, then worry about being superman after that.  I sense that you are already doing this,  so this is just bromley spouting off again in hopes of doing and saying the right thing.
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Never mind. 3 min step test scoring is  based on old and discredited  220 - age formula. DO NOT TRUST IT! You have to measure your personal maximum heart rate!
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My personal maximum heart rate  is 195,  by formula it should be  176, and that is what  messes the scoring up.  I figured it out thanks to  sport watch, my heart recovery time is normal.
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