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Skipped beats

Hello all. I am driving myself crazy! I am up right now crying and counting my skipped beats. It's about 6 per minute. Sometimes less sometimes more. I feel okay but they are freaking me out! I've had this on and off for years and a few months ago I had a 24hr holter and bloodwork. Holter showed "predominantly normal rhythm with rare pvc." Told it was fine. My vitamin D came back very low and about a week after taking extra my skipped beats were almost non existent. Now I found out I'm 11 weeks pregnant and they are back. I'm driving myself crazy. My obgyn recommended a cardiologist so I go in a month. They are worse at night and scare me so bad. I'm 28. Can anyone relate or does anyone have any advice? I've had 2 ultrasounds of my heart which were both normal. I've worn 4 holtor monitors which always show a non concerning amount of pvcs. Please help!
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Yes, I can related to having pvcs.  Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done with them so we all have to just try and make peace with them.  Your heart has been evaluated to be structurally fine so they pose no threat.  Try to avoid some of the biggest triggers and see if it helps.  Avoid caffeine, sugar and carbohydrates, spicy food or anything that can cause acid reflux.  Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and if you tend to low bp make sure you get adequate sodium though if you tend to high bp avoid sodium.  Avoid eating overly large meals and tend to any stress and anxiety you may have.  I am not sure taking vitamin d helps but have heard that magnesium supplements can help but follow your doctors advice about both to make sure it is safe for the baby to do so.  I am not sure if you are still on vitamin d but would just keep tabs on your levels if you are still taking the supplement to make sure you don't get too much.  Too much can be just as bad as too little.  From what I understand the pvcs should not have any effect on the health of the baby but as the baby starts to push up on the heart it may cause more extra beats but do talk to a cardiologist to get a clear idea of what to expect.  It could be if you watch some of the bigger triggers that your pvcs go away.  They do come and go without much rhyme or reason so try to work on your relationship to them.  I like to view them simply as extra beats. Your heart is an incredible muscle that can handle a few little blips and jumps.  Try to steady your breathing as best you can.  Maybe do some breathing exercises to get in the habit of breathing deep and steady and see if it helps.  And just remind yourself that you are safe and fine because you are.  If you need to see a therapist for a few visits to help deal with the fear of it there is no shame in doing so.  These extra beats can take over our minds and life if we left them.  We may not be able to control when they come around but we can control how we respond to them.  Try to not let them have the upper hand.  Take care and best of luck with the baby.  Keep us posted on how you are doing.  
Wonderful encouraging and technically correct response.  Thank you
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