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Slow Heart Rate

14 weeks ago I had a baby, since then I noticed I was getting dizzy spells, I was keeping a close eye on my blood pressure and heart rate as I suffer with White Coat Hypertension and I have to take my own readings to medical appointments. I noticed that my heart rate was falling fairly low 45 etc occasionally. I went to the doctors and was prescribed iron tablets and my iron was very low. Since having this I am hardly getting dizzy spells, only very occasionally. I had a ECG in doctors office which was fine and I had a 24 hour Ambulatory monitor which picked up a couple of episodes where my heart rate dropped to 42 and 54, one of which was when I recorded having a dizzy spell. I am being referred back to a cardiologist at the hospital. I'm sure the GP said the rhythm was fine it was just the episodes of where the rate dropped,  but am extremely worried and do suffer with anxiety I think. Just wondering if anyone has any idea on what may be happening?
I have lost 4 stone since having my baby but am still classed as obese and have another 3 stone to go to get to a normal BMI which is my goal. I have never been a very active person and have only just started daily excersie following my c-section.  I was taking beta blocker (labetalol) during my pregnancy, my consultants during the pregnancy did say the consultant who put me on this shouldn't have done as my BP is actually fine it's only when I'm in a medical environment that it rockets. They did say I was to continue taking it during the pregnancy as they didn't want to cause a BP spike which could harm me or baby. I have been off these for 14 weeks so presuming it is not them causing the low heart rate? Also I have high uric acid levels and have been referred to a consultant for this, not sure if this is related. I am a 28 year old female.
Anyone been in a similar situation or can offer me any insight?
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I don't know as much about bradycardia as I do svt but it could be that your heart needs time to adjust to the weight loss.  Having the baby and being obese may have put some strain on the heart.  As well being on beta blockers the heart gets use to being reliant on the meds.  When you take them away it can take time for the heart to adjust.  I would keep what you are doing and continue to lose the weight.  Try to eat healthy and if you notice you are feeling dizzy take time to stop and rest.  Hopefully with time your heart can build up strength again.  You are pretty young so there is a good chance it can rebuild itself but anything with the heart takes a long time so just keep any eye on things and do what the cardiologist tells you to do. take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Thank you for responding, everything is all just s bit worrying at the moment, I will certainly keep on with the weight loss and excerise, feel so much better for it.
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