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Slow Pulse rate

I am a 23 year old female, who has lost approximately 180lbs in a period of 15monthes on my own(no surgery). I am writing because over the past 2 monthes i have been training for a half marathon and have noticed fatigue that i have never felt during the entire time i have been losing weight, along with the fatigue i have taken my pulse at several points during the day and find when i wake my pulse is 34-38, during the day at rest in class i can have a pulse of 40-45. I went to the doctor for the fatigue and he ran blood work. Everything came back negative meaning that everything was good and there was nothing to cause such a low pulse. He considered my pulse to be too low for my age. In his office it was 45 with a blood pressure of 130/90. He did and EKG revealing a normal rhythm with a slow beat of course at rest. Can something be wrong while i'm working out to cause my fatigue for the rest of the day. I have never felt this way before generally my workout creates more energy for me. Should i follow up like the MD suggested? What can be going on? What will the cardiologist do that the MD did not?
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Wow! You have lost an incredible amount of weight. Congratulations!

I do think you should follow up with a cardiologist regarding your slow heart rate. It might be nothing at all to worry about but it's better to have it checked out. In my opinion, it's always a good idea to listen to your doctor : )
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Wow, that's a pretty good blood pressure for that low of a heart rate!  Sounds like your heart is structurally normal and efficient.

I would still get worked up by a cardiologist, not just a PCP.  better safe than sorry.

I think the reason your PCP was OK with things is because your BP was good, if not a bit high even with the low heart rate. It becomes concerning when when you have the brady and your blood pressure is dropping.  That would cause tiredness and other symptoms, none of which you mention, which is good.

It could be that your heart remodeled itself to pump for that extra 180 pounds you used to carry around.  Now that it doesn't need to supply as much blood as it used to, it can beat slower to meet your needs.  I would guess that over time it will remodel itself for your new weight.  This is a similar process to when athletes train for endurance.  over time the heart increases its capacity and efficiency.  Because your BP is not low I doubt the brady is causing the fatigue.    Over the years I've had bouts with fatigue that came and went and never could pin down the reason.  Sometimes it's the seasons changing, sometimes I think it's viruses the kids are brining home from day care.
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