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Slow heart rate/dizzy only b/n 10am and 1pm?

Hi. For a couple of months now I've found myself feeling light headed/slightly dizzy between about 9-10am and about 1pm. I measured my pulse one day and noticed during this time it was like 38-40 beats/minute, so assume I'm simply not getting enough oxygen with such a low rate. I went to the doc and I got a ECG done for 24 hrs, but it showed nothing.. I think the problem there was that I got it attached at about 10am, so it wasn't my normal routine/day. Only thing noticed was a rate of like 45 at 4am, but I don't think that's totally unusual. I don't know if I should get another ECG done, or if someone else has a possible reason for my symptoms. As mentioned in the title, it's only between about 10am and 1-2pm or so... after that it becomes normal 65 or so a minute and I feel fine for the rest of the day, until the next morning when it starts again at about the same time. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Curious.  I wondered when I read this whether you have changed anything lately,  such as caffeine consumption,  prescription drugs,  or exercise habits. Is your home adequately ventilated? Do you experience any anxiety with this? What was happening to you two months ago when this whole thing got started? Why do you think that 45bpm is ok? Are you an elite athlete? How much exercise do you get normally,  and what are you doing now?

Just wondering really.   Sometimes it'shard to put these things in context.   If you ve gone off caffeine after years of your morning joe you may be getting more backlash than you thought possible.  Or maybe something precipitated this whole thing, and you need some recovery from whatever caused it to begin with. In the past when I've run into stuff like this,  Itry to restore habits that keep me feeling healthy. For me,  exercise is one of those habits. Be sure to check with your doc first though.
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I should have mentioned this.  Not sure why I didn't.   But it might be worth checking in with your doctor. They might be able to think of some things we can't.
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thanks for the reply. Well around the time it started, couple of months back, my life was very stressful for a few weeks, and had a few days of not much sleep right before I noticed the symptoms. I think now it maybe worse if I don't get enough sleep, but the majority of those stressful events have now passed, but not the issue I mentioned in the post. It was very frustrating to me the ECG didn't show anything unusual during the daytime when I was wearing it. And no, I'm no an elite athlete etc :) I'd say my normal heartrate is 70-75, so during the times I measure it and it's in the low 40's I know something is wrong. Perhaps I'm missing every 2nd beat or something during those phases? If it is stress/sleep related I'm not sure why it would seem limited to around lunchtime (except when I'm very tired and I do notice it again before bed). I have a job in IT so it's difficult when I have to think for my job but I know I'm feeling light headed and finding it difficult to concentrate because of that. I'm sure me expecting/worrying about it doesn't help, but I'm not sure if it's just stress etc or if it's a physical problem now that may need proper treatment.

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The regular appearance of your symptoms raises the question of medications with breakfast:  Are you taking any meds or supplements in the morning? Has any new medication or supplement at all been added recently?

If not, well, you describe recently-developed symptoms that interfere to some extent with your work, so yeah, I think you should go back to your doc and ask for a monitor to be worn for a longer period, long enough to catch this regular event.

I hope you get some answers.

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I have to say this sounds familiar. I was in the same sort of cycle myself after a bit of stress, and a cold, in November.  The aftermath of that,  dizziness or lightheadedness in the morning,  recovering in the afternoon,  and returning the next morning went on for about 6 to 8 weeks. I had chest pain and a lot of short strings of vt with it. I felt like I wasn't getting enough air, and my bp was all over the place.

Im just saying it sounds similar to your description. Light exercise helped with this issue.  I have no idea why. I considered some type of carditis as a potential cause, but we are still testing. Weird thing is I had pain in my chest all the way over on my far left side and could hardly lay on my left side because of it.  One night I just layed down on my left side,  stretched my left arm straight out above my head along the mattress and stretched that whole side.  It did hurt,  but the pain went away after that and hasn't been back.  Also,  the vt had subsided.

Anyway,  this probably has no bearing on your issue,  but I thought I would share it anyway. I hope you get some answers.
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Thanks again. Today my symptoms went almost all day... finished about 6pm. During late afternoon I measured my heartbeat on my wrist and my neck, and it seemed that it was doing a normal beat followed by a very faint beat that was hard to even detect sometimes... perhaps that's why I have measured my rate to be 40 at times when perhaps it's 80 but skipping every second one. Despite my doc giving me anti-dizziness/light headedness medication, which I have not yet gotten the prescription for, I feel it's definitely heartbeat issue. But perhaps I'll take the meds for a few days and then eliminate a possible cause and go back to him if nothing improved with them.

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It sounds as though you might be experiencing periods of bigeminy.  I often get that now.  My cardiologist says mine is benign, and I have gotten used to it, though it worried me and actually made me feel a little faint when it first appeared.  That was probably the effect of anxiety rather than a pump problem.  ;-)

It would be a good idea to catch it on a monitor, to be on the safe side.
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