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So confused. SVT and Ectopics. Short of breathe. Cant stand it

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me out. I started treatment for HIV last year in Ecuador. After treatment things got worse instead of better. I had previously had what i think are ectopic beats, i felt like my heart stopped and i couldnt breathe but it only happened when i was stressed and screaming.

The doctor didnt believe it was the hiv pills fault so he sent me a bunch of exams. It came back Mitral Valve prolapse, atrial septal aneurism, but since this is in Ecuador the eco result was lost and they wont give me another.
So after that things got really bad, i had a stress test done and it was normal.
I kept looking around since the shortness of breath got worse and worse. I was told by 2 doctors to take Beta Blockers and by two others to not take them.
As of late it has been terrible, i was given lyrica for nerve inflamation. The next day i had extreme shortness of breath, my throat felt like it was closing. I felt like i was gonna pass out. I went to get my O2 checked and it was normal. My pulse was at 13O.
So there it is now i cant stand it, i get dizzy and feel like im gonna pass out. Im short of breath. Sometimes i feel like i was hit in the heart and are forced to breath out. Sometimes i feel like i cant breath.
I dont know what to do. Nothing has helped so far and im scared of beta blockers.
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I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.  I suspect that your heart issues are partly related to your illness and maybe the meds you are taking for it.  Have you read any side effects for the meds you have been given?  Water is a good way to cope with sinus tachycardia.  As well do try and work on stress management.  I can imagine that being ill as you are is a tremendous burden on you.  It is understandable to be a little wound up about it all but do your best to try and work through it and I am sure you will feel better.  This said, from what I understand in cases of heart rhythm issues the dose of beta blockers they prescribe is low but it is your choice whether or not you want to try them.  You might also want to post this to the HIV community to see if others with your condition have had similar issues.  And keep pushing for another echo.  I know in the states we have the right to seek a second opinion.  If you can do that where you are maybe try that.  Best of luck sorting this out but the more you can get a handle on stress and anxiety the better I am sure you will feel.  Take care.
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