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Sorry to bother you but i have a question about heart palpitations and when to worry and not worry.

My story is below and sorry if it is a bit long winded.

I am 39, 5'6" 160lbs and concider myself in good shape.  i walk or jog 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week and lift weights occassionally without being winded although, my hearrate can get up pretty high somtimes,170 with 150-168 the average, but i dont feel winded or out of breath and it comes back down quiclky to 110 or so in a few minutes so i was told not to worry.

I have had a Palpitation here and there over the last 5 years.  Mine feel more like a woosh or a flush than a flutter or thump.  I dont feel any "real" pain and or loss of breath outside of just the expected rush of adreline and anxiety that usually follows.  My doctor, like most, said not to worry it is normal to have these and just about everybody does they just don't realize it.

Recently i have been very stressed due some blood tests that were done and the amount of tests that i have been taking over the past 2 months as a result.  My cholesterol is off the chart at 300 plus and my liver enzymes were raised.  Everything else was fine and i actually felt fine before she told me :).

Based on this my doctor of course wants to put me on a statin but wanted to do a few tests to baseline check my liver and just put my mind at ease that no real damage had been done to date. I first went for;

1. Heart scan=this came out clean, no calcium or blockages detected and no other issues.  i am not sure whatelese they check in the heart when they do a heart scan but there was no bad news.
2. MRi of the arteries=this too came out clean with no narrowing or noticalble signs of disease blockages etc...
3. ultrasound on my liver, kidneys, gall bladder and spline=all came out clean.  No fatty liver or signs of liver damage.

I just spoke with my doctor last Thrusday and had been pretty stressed up to that point wondering what the results of the ultra sound would be.  the other test were done 1 month prior.  when she said everything was great no fatty liver or any signs of disease in any other organs from the ultra sound i felt so releaved.  finally, i had all these tests done and all of them showed nothing bad.  my doctor said since the very high cholesterol runs in my family, my fathers was 290 and my grand mothers was 310, it was certaily genetic and that some people just have very high cholesterol.  My father has been on lipitor now for over 10 years.  she of course does not want to leave my cholesterol high but said it was nothing to worry about and this is preventative care we are doing all your tests were ok.  

So that day and on saturday july 11th i went for a run, jogged 5 miles on thursday and another 4 miles on Saturday.  Saaturday i felt a little more winded or out of breath than usual but nothing bad.  my heart rate came back down and no palpitations or pain. i was not bending over trying to catch my breath.  i felt good.

but later that day about 5 hours later do nothing special just walking out of costco i got a flush in my chest.  when it happened i thought, ok i have had these before no biggie.  kept walking.  then i got another 15 seconds later and another.  i started getting these flushes about 3-5 every 5 minutes or so.  i waited about an hour or more before i went to the ER waiting for them to stop.  i never had any pain or real pain just anxiety when they were coming and i did not feel like fainting.  i have read on the boards that is a good sign and i have not had anymore since last night around 6pm.  

of course by the time they did the EKG and the blood tests they all showed fine.  i wasn't having any palpatations by then.  the doctor said my "blood enzymes" were reaised somewhat but that would be attributed to the jogging i did earlier and when they did the second test 3 hours later he said they were coming down not going up so this solidified his reasoning of the enzymes to the exercise not a heart problem.

i guess my questions are this:
1.  I only drank about 6oz. after the jog and an hour later went to lift weights and had a vitamin water during the workout but nothing after except a green tea latte with soy.  Could this combined with a delayed stress release have  become a trigger for palpitations , flutters or whatever it is?  and why would it have happend 2-3 hours after the working out not during?  byt his time my heart rate and body was back to normal after the workout, at least i thought.

i have done worse in terms of eating, not on purpose but i have gone to workout and not have enough water or food and have felt bad but never resulting in chronic palpitations.

2.  I understand most palpatations are benign or not serious and will be going to see my doctor this week for a follow up on this and proably see a cardiologist as a result but, at what point when these happen does one decide or should decide to go to the ER or doctor.  i don't want to be one of those people who feels a thomp or one quick flush and then goes straight the doctor unnecessarily.

3.  also, how many palpitations are too many?  i had 3-5 hit me in a few minutes time and i thought that was bad.  however, i have read on the posts some people get hit with 100s a day and still servive:)

4.  if it does happen again, or when it does happen again, what can i do to relieve or stop them?
Drink more water, eat some sugar or protein, breathing?

Drilling down to the Real concern is we don't want to die and are heart palpitations something that can kill you.  Logically i tell myslef i am lucky to be healthy there are those out there with REAL heart problems but its hard to shake off the thoughts and anticipation of the next palpitation.

Thanks for your stories and help.  There is release in numbers and your service online is priceless!!
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the palps can be a PVCs or PACs premature ventricular contrx or premature atrial contx, both are usually benign, both are common especially as you hit 40.  some people notice them like myself ( i'm 41 and run 4 times/wk)- feels like going down in an elevator, or a bubble in my esophagus to throat area or at times like a thump. other people like my daughter have 6000 per day and feel not a one

the job of the md is to make sure they are benign.  he or she will do this with tests such as echo, ecg, holter monitor and or stress test.  u had the heart scan which showed no blockage which should be very reassuring to you - also reassuring to you should be your age, exercise level, any family hx of CAD?

definitely go see a cardio but my guess is that u had a few benign pvcs, ask the cardio about lipitor - what is your LDL?- u want to keep it around 130ish, an elevated HDl is good , over 60 is protective against CAD. if you respond to this give the breakdown because 290 may not be too bad if the hdl is very high . retest your liver enzyme levels - how elevated?

stress, adrenaline, indigestion, low potassium,caffeine and dehydration can trigger PVCs and sometimes the ventricle gets excited and fires just because - i will say that thinking about them and dwelling on them will most definitely bring more on so try to keep normal and busy

i know how u feel- it is scary but try to stay normal and ask your doctor everthing, you will feel better when he tells u it's nothing to worry about

if u get them again have H2O and a bananna and don't think about them most of all

good luck
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