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Spice Gold!!!????

Hi. I noticed some questions about Spice Gold.  I was inquiring due to a major problem I had with it.  I have chronic illness that causes pain, fevers, nerve damage, flares etc.  I've found out it is chronic lyme disease.  I had been diagnosed with CFIDS/FM.  But was put on a bunch of drugs that I don't like.  I use to smoke MJ because it seemed to help with pain, and controlling anxiety.  I have moved, and no longer have a supplier.  I use to only get from a friend who grew.  I tried spice gold feeling desperate with bad symptoms flaring, and it got me a trip to the emergency room.  My heart rate went to 175 beats per minute, and it lasted a total of 2 hrs.  At first I thought I was having a panic attack.  Have only had one a long time ago not due to smoking MJ.  But this recent one never went away, and I finally went to hospital.  I was pretty out of it, but first they said I was in a fibb, then they said it might have been SVT.  So I still don't know which it was, but I also have a crappy doctor here, and he's not giving the medications I've been on for four years because I'm waiting on mail order for prescriptions, and he will not call any in while waiting.  I don't know if it's a mixture of both of those things, or just taking two small hits of spice gold.  Maybe a mixture of both.  MJ never did that to me.  It always relaxed me, helped my pain, and curiously helped me to concentrate better?  I know that doesn't make sense, but it did.  Any info on spice gold would be appreciated.  I know the plant extracts it contains, but they also say there is a mix of other ingredients that are not known.     Thanks so much

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^^pot not a drug, pray and smoke jane?
pray that you dont get problems with it you mean?

Cannabis isn't good for the heart
- causes temporary spikes in blood pressure
- smoking clogs arteries
- cannabis makes the heart work harder (x5 as likely to get a heart attack, similar to having sexual intercourse... but still.)
- causes arrhythmia in some

living a balanced life with as little drugs possible is still the best thing for the heart
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I am not a heavy drug user (pot is NOT a drug to me)....but spice is a whole different category. I had never tried spice but I've heard horror stories of people doing it and I was fairly (morbidly) curious to experience this. I never hurried to experiment but the day came that I finally got the chance to try it with a couple of friends. Neither of them had ever tried spice and were just as inexperienced with K2 as myself. I bought a brand from a smoke shop nearby and it was so easy, just like buying candy off the street. We went to a secluded area that was open to the public but were clearly hidden. I busted out my pipe and was wise enough to only pack a small, small pea-sized bowl. My friend took the green hit and held it for no more than 10-seconds and seemed to SLOW down but other than that he was fine, sober (if not just a little uncoordinated). Then it was passed to me, and seeing my friend become so unaffected by it I felt a little more confident and hit the pipe. I only held that one puff for no more than at least 6 seconds and it was IMMEDIATELY (not a minute, but instantaneously) numb. A sea of numbness washed over me and felt like a pillowed truck had just plowed into me. Everything started spinning...OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER like a crazy loop stuck in time. I remember knowing that what I'd done was bad and I recall repeating to myself "I shouldn't have done that....I shouldn't have done that." Over and over. Not a minute later I completely forgot WHO I was....ME! I remember knowing I had a purpose and I was alive but I forgot I was human, forgot my name, forgot where I was and who I was with. I forgot I lived in a planet and I remember looking at the sky like I'd never seen it in my life. It was almost as if I was dropped into a confusing, loud, dizzying world and I was an extra terrestrial. I remember looking at my friends' faces and they were asking me something (I could see their mouths moving) but I couldn't understand or even really hear what they were saying (almost like talking to someone in a different language). Then the manic crazy laughing started (AT THIS POINT I don't remember what happened, I only know this happened because they were the witnesses)....my friends said that I had gone quiet and that I looked at them with a crazy gleam and my eye and began to laugh almost demonically. They said I was smiling and walking towards them with an almost predatory look and said that I actually DROOLED from my mouth and whispered to them "Hi Ladies! Lucifer's back. Say hi to daddy!"

They said that they were so stunned and confused that they could only stare and ask if I were okay (which of course I was NOT). Furthermore they proceeded to tell me that after I whispered to them that I handed them the pipe in a calm manner, picked up my bag from the floor and began to walk towards the sidewalk (visible now to the public) without saying a single word. After I reached the public section I took off into a desperate run. My friend's said I ran so fast that when they tried to catch up I had already lost them. At this point I can now remember. At first I remember being consumed with PANIC....and I don't mean like a panic attack I mean like life or death panic (with adrenaline surging and all). I remember being so scared and so afraid because to me, I was lost in a world that I did not, could not remember. I knew that I was part of it but I had just completely forgotten. I ran....and ran....and ran.....for about 10 miles before the air began to sober me up...(AND sobering up took a WHILE and it was a slow process....with only fragments of memories coming back at a time )......I remembered feeling guilt and my father's face would flash in my mind. At first I didn't know why I was thinking of this foreign man (at the time) but slowly my brain "rebooted" and began thinking "That man is my father.....I have a father because I am human. I am human, I have emotions."

For a while I remember actually speaking out loud to myself as if teaching  myself everything from the very beginning and soon after I began absorbing the info I came down and realized what had happened. I was emotionally raped and I felt like I had died and come back to life. Simple as that. This stuff can strip your soul. Don't do this. Pray and smoke jane.
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OMG.....perfect description of what happened to me as well. My heart is calming down little by little ....i smoked it for a year straight and before that I smoked it on and off for about 1 year. Bottom line is that once it happens to you, you will be scared like everyone else...it just happened to me and im feeling all the ******** that people mentioned in the past. BUT..Im gonna be honest.....I normally take 1 or 2 small hits and thats it.....this time i packed a full bowl and hit it all in one shot....jamaican gold extreme........done deal after singing Bon Jovi wanted dead or alive........my heart went doom doom dooom doom doom doom, dooooom dooooom doooom, doom doom doom doom . It was fast for about 20 beats then slow for 5. I was trying to dial 911...then it dawned on me that if i dont die im gonna get ****** and end up in trouble..
bottom line is im here right now and i still feel wierd but i think its because im freaked and thats whats happening to people ..ill let u know what happens when i smoke again...maybe i should just smoke again...lol
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Stay away from this stuff.   If you find yourself in trouble with it you can do some things to help bring you down.

When your heart rate goes up it is likely because this chemical acts as a speed.   Your core temperature will rise and cause all kinds of problems.   This stuff can give you a fever of 102+ which is bad bad juju.

First...  start drinking water.   Space it out but you want to get at least 2 glass fulls as this will help push the chemical out of your system faster and also helps reduce your core temperature.    

Second, run a luke warm bath..  don't use showers as you can easily fall and injure yourself.   The temperature of the water should not be hot or too cold so it remains effective without shocking your system.  

Keep drinking water and eat bread or bagel to help keep water down.  

Stay upright as this is the best position to stay concious and safe with your current elevated blood pressure.

Keep the bath water temperature regulated and concentrate on breathing slowly.  You can also meditate on slowing your heart down.  

Once your recovered some get out of bath carefully.  Hopefully you have someone helping you.    

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay on your side.  

After an hour or so you'll start feeling better as long as you continue fluid intake at elevated but not excessive amount.   It'll be a wild ride and you'll experience some shakes and anxiety but remain calm and you'll get through it.  

Lastly,  throw that nasty **** you smoked away.   Purchase a vaporizer for your lungs health.
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read this:  http://health.msn.com/health-topics/addiction/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100266775&gt1=31036
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I had a terrible trip last night. I took 2 hits, and I was done... I was drinking and fairly drunk already so smoking spice probably wasn't the best idea ever. It started with slowing me down and making it very difficult to talk or even move. I stood looking off the balcony hoping to not get any worse. After standing there for 15 minutes it hit me even harder and I was walked to the room where I layed down on the floor. Not quite awake and not quite asleep, I was unable to move and the heart rate and breathing was then an issue. Then I experienced the weirdest feeling ever!!!! And please if someone can explain this to me or has had this symptom please let me know. It started kind of as a small orgasmic feeling... and it pulsed, slowly getting more intense. The only way and the best way i can explain this is by decibles. It started like a frequency noise and if u turn it up in intervals making it a higher pitch much like the one dogs can hear but humans can't. Imagine every interval turned up, the more intense this orgasm got. It eventually worked through my body and started again in my back. The more intense it got, it started rolling down my body to eventually my toes making it similar to my foot falling asleep. Each step of it getting more intense, I felt like I was arching my back doing some crazy exorcism moves that I couldnt control and the more intense it got the more i arched back.  Now imagine all that happening but I could mentally see the intensity. Picture a blurry round ball of energy, black background. Everytime the feeling became more intense, the ball would shrink and pulse.. shrink and pulse... until eventually it got so small that I couldn't see but I knew was there cause I could feel it. It then instead of being an object of matter it became what I could only explain of as whatever it is that comes after matter. Its kind of like it got so small and then reversed itself. I can't explain it! When it became the opposite of matter, that's when it got so intense that I started feeling it in my back... and doing all those crazy moves if I even was... I do not know for sure whether I was arching my back as far back as I thought I was but who knows. Anyways after all of this, I somehow made my way to the bathroom and was hugging the toilet for the rest of the night hoping I would recover from feeling like I was gonna die. My advice although my experience sounds... like some of it might have been fun... it was very scary and was something I would like to have explained but I am never going to have spice again! Please if u have had a similar experience or know what I'm talking about and can explain it to me please do. Thanks!
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I tried smoking spice for the first time last week and I will never smoke it ever again. I am lucky to be alive. I have smoked pot for a while now and I have never had any problems from any kind of weed I have smoked, but this spice stuff was awful. When I took two small hits of it, I was fine and it felt like weed, but when I hit it again later on in the night it was a whole other story. I suddenly out of nowhere felt like I had no control over my mind or body. My heart rate went crazy and I could not calm down. I felt like my heart was going to explode and I was very short of breath.  I would get cold and then hot and my brain felt like it was being squeezed. It almost felt like I was going to black out because I could not focus on anything and forgot where I was.  My husband had a very hard time helping me calm my heart rate down and get control back to my brain.  The worst part of it was that it would come in intervals and I could not control them.  After the first initial one when I really went into shock or a panic attack feeling, that made me really think I was going to die, I came back down and could focus back on things around me and I really thought it was over. But only about a minute or so later another episode started up and the very same thing happened again. I tried my hardest to fight it and think about anything I could to help keep me calm but nothing was working. After about three times of this happening to me, my husband gave me some water and I just started drinking it constantly. After a few minutes I could feel that it was helping me. My husband also held me against his chest to help regulate my breathing and heart rate while keeping me from going into convulsions.  After about an hour of all this pain and panic for the both of us, I felt it wearing off a bit. When I tried to lie down and sleep, it was still hard to feel normal.  I had body trimmers all night and kept waking up with panic.  The next day was still bad for me as well. I felt at times that I had to breath a lot harder and deeper than normal and that my heart was aching and had trouble pumping normally.   I still feel very weak and tired even after a few days have gone by. I am just hoping that I did not do some serious damage to myself that will not ever go away.  My advice to anyone that is wondering or considering smoking this stuff, or even people who smoke it on a regular, is DON’T DO IT, DON’T EVER SMOKE IT, IT IS VERY BAD FOR YOU AND YOU NEVER KNOW HOW YOUR BODY WILL RESPOND TO IT! No one really knows the long term effects of this substance, but I know firsthand the short term effects that are possible and TRUST ME, YOU DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS EVER!
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I am in a branch of theb armed service (I don't wish to secify due to the negative press it might incur). A guy in my unit took some spice called "doomsday" I think. They found him in his room about two hours AWOL clawing at his mouth claiming bugs were crawling out of it and chewing on his lips! Bad stuff no doubt, I wouldn't even look too hard at it if I were you. Is it just me, or are the legal highs getting as bad as the hardcore drugs?
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I quit everything well before any of those came out because EVERY "legal insence blend" causes cancer and immune system problems.

Quit... now... or it will kill you.
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I have allot of exp with herbal highs, and I have a similar story to yours.

FYI in case you didn't know, they are now banning all the smoking blends including "Spice" worldwide, because they contain research chemicals (including jwh-018, 073, HU, etc...) that are not for human consumption as they could be harmful to various parts of the body.

My best suggestion to you if you seek information on ANY blend, or ANY research chemical currently being used as a drug, join a legal highs forum, there are many out there and the members offer very valuable info and advice.

I wish you luck, I am quitting now too, and if you wish, I will update you with any info that I find that pertains to your question.

Happy Thanksgiving, have a great weekend...
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