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Spine cord and arrhythmia

I am 46 years old man and I am generally feeling healthy. However 5 years ago, first time in my life in the morning I notices irregular hear beat. That time I got electroshock to normalize rythm of the heart. After that event I get arrhythmia time to time, accompanying with nerve impulses travelling accross the chest. In hospital doctors usually detect potassium level in blood 3.8. Basing on that doctors infused potassium chloride and I take additinally potassium supplements.

Recently I noticed that when Arrhythmia occurs, I heal it not with potassium restore, but with neck streching up. When I stretch the neck up, arrhythmia dissapears even before infusion of potassium chloride. What could be here a problem? How can I heal that problem.

Additinally, I got the hypothyroidism (Hashimoto syndrome). I take the thyroxine to keep the TSH hormone stable. Free thyroxine level in blood is also normal.

Usually I feel discomfort in the middle of the spine. After X ray tests of complete spine cord, doctors found nothing pathological.
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Could very well be something to it.  There are two types of nerve bundles going into the heart.  Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.  The sympathetic comes out of the spinal column around t2, t3, t4.  The parasympathetic is the vagus nerve and goes to the heart through your neck.

I too have had occasion where I would swear a pinched nerve was causing heart palpitations.

A friend of mine had a nerve impingement around his neck for nerves going to his arm.  It caused tingling, numbness, and he couldn't control the muscles as-well (manifested as weakness).  

So it would seem to make sense that if the nerves going to the heart are pinched, under pressure, or otherwise not working right it would affect the heart.  I'm completely guessing though, as I've never seen any scientific study on the subject.
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I really don't know if there is a connection.  I would think it would be more related to your thyroid issues but it would not hurt to go to a physical therapist and see if there are any issues with the muscles on your back and neck pulling your spine out of line.  Nerves can get impinged from muscles simply pulling on the spine so get some exercises to tone it up and see if your symptoms subside.  Best of luck.  Take care.
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