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Steroid Nasal Sprays

A few months ago I started using Nasonex every day because of allergies.  Shortly after my heart started acting up, I was getting short bursts of tachycardia lasting no more than 30 seconds, but disconcerting never the less.  That hadn't happened to me for several years, since my medications were switched.  My GP told me that Nasonex wouldn't do that but I stopped using it anyway.  I had an appt with my EP today and I asked about it.  He said it most definitely could cause palpitations, especially in a person who has them anyway.  So...I know there have been some questions in the past about these medications,  thought I would share what my Dr. said.
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Very interesting. I would def go with what your EP said over your primary only because he knows the skips more intimately.

Thanks for sharing!
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I used to take Seldane (it was removed from the market in 1998 after causing several heart arrthmias).  It seems to me something replaced it that was supposed to be seldane without the bad effects, but I can't recall the name of the drug.  Anyway, I think some of my afib issues started with these drugs.  You can't be too careful if you prone to heart issues.
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I took Flonase it seemed to be doing the same to me, thanks for sharing!
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I've used several bottles, or several months, of Fluticasone Propionate, which is a steroid nasal spray... I think it is the generic of Flonase.

It may be that I can't tell because I am in permanent atrial fibrillation. But I haven't identified any problems other than it doesn't help reduce my nasal congestion.  I just switched to Astepro, not a steroid, and it too doesn't give my congestion much relief.  On the other hand Afrin works great, but it can ot be used continuously.  

So goes modern medicine.  
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Because of recent and significant problems with allergies, I have had to increase both my use of Nasonex and Flovent (steroids).

Although I have a kind of twitchy heart, very prone to ectopic beats, I have not noticed any increase at all in that department.

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