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Stiff Fingers and Forearms Beta Blocker?

Has anyone ever experienced this before.  I had weaned off of my Propranolol taking a half a pill a few times a month.  Last week I had to take it everyday due to stress.  I am trying to wean off of it now that the stress is gone and Im noticing some new symptoms.  I dont know if its from the Propranolol or something else but it started last week.  

My fingers feel so stiff like at any moment its going to be hard to curl them and it extends up into my forearms.  Plus my feet and legs have been slightly swollen since last week.  My bp is ok and my PVC's are ok too so it made me wonder if it was the med.

Any ideas?

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My experience with BB is limited to Metoprolol and I have moved up and down in dose levels and the only affect I clearly see/feel is a change in my HR.  Seems there is a non-zero BB level for me if I am to keep resting HR below 90.    For me that is a pretty stiff dose, 50 mg once a day.

I have never felt any stiffness, well none I don't ascribe to age...it could be related to BB dose changes, but I don't think so.

I do understand that abrupt changes in BB dose levels is not recommended.
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