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Stopping Metoprolol

I've been taking 25 mg of metoprolo a day (1/2 pill twice daily) just for some minor issues with PVCs.  After several months I got hives and some food sensitivity that is evidently a side effect, so I decided to stop.

My cardiologist seemed to think this is a low enough dose that I could just stop cold if I wanted to, but I thought I'd see what folks thought, if I should taper off.
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Dear DPM111,

Thanks for writing in.

I understand your concern.

First of all I would say yes you can stop cold turkey. We need not taper the dose.

But coming back, a few issues need to be clarified.

1) Why were you started on metoprolol? Was it because you have palpitation or some other symptom or was it just because there was Ventricular Premature Contractions (VPC) on ECG?I am concerned vecause, if it was for symptoms, then there is small possibility of recurrence.

2) Do you suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension)? - In that case we need to start you on an alternate Blood Pressure lowering medication.

3) "A food sensitivity occurring months later" – has your physician confirmed that this is a side effect?
This can have important implications on the treatment if the sensitivity and hives do not subside after stopping.

Any way, you can stop the medication without tapering.  

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Prabhakar C Koregol
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If I can add a second question, if I'm have a reaction to metoprolo, would I probably react to other beta blockers?
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I have very slightly elevated blood pressure and some anxiety and rapid pulse, which the beta blocker was helping.  I felt fine on the metoprolol, but started having a rash under my arms that the doctor and a dermitologist could not figure out.  

I took it upon myself to stop taking the beta blocker and a day and a half later had a pulse of about 95 - 105 at times.  It was not serious, but I did not feel good.

Today, my doctor started me on 25 mg Atenolol, and we're going to see if the rash goes away.
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