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Stopping Toprol XL

How long does it take to wean off beta blockers specifically Toprol XL?

5 days ago, I Was taking 75mg and pulse dropped to the low 40's and told to stop.  Since then.  Pulse has not kicked back up.  Do have a headache and intermittent fatigue.

Any thoughts?

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I was on a BB two yrs ago and was on it for several years. When I weaned off it it took about a year for my body to totally adjust. I was having svt all the time and runs and a really low pulse and bp. So I think it can take a while for your body to adjust. My pulse was alos dropping in the 30's-40's being on it and off it.

I'm so glad ai don't take any bb any more they made me feel horrible.

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Thanks Tara.  How long was it before your pulse popped back up?  Also, is it withdrawals or just the fact that my pulse is low that makes my head feel like someone dropped a barbell on it?

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It was about a year before my pulse and bp was back to normal but now it runs a little high with no bb but thats fine with me.

I always felt faint and tired and cold when on the bb's. I'm having dizzy spells now too though so i have no idea what thats all about but i am deficient in a few vitamins my doctor said so hopefully i will be feeling better really soon.

I pray you start feeling better soon.


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How long were you taking Toprol XL and did you just stop taking it altogether?  All beta blockers should be reduced gradually in dosage in order to safely stop.  You should have reduced from 75 mg to 50 mg to 25 mg to 12.5 mg and then stop over a period of six or eight weeks.  I have safely done this when my heart rate started dropping in to the low 30's and found that the rate gradually increased as the dosage decreased.  My resting rate is now 68 or so and does not drop lower than 60.  Oddly enough, my blood pressure did not change.
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I spent 6 years taking Toprol XL, 100mg once a day.  Started working with a trainer about 4 months ago and after two months they cut me down to 75mg when my pulse started dropping into the low 50's from the 70's.  I was told to stop taking it immediately by two different cardiologists after suffering a fainting issue and visiting the er.  It has been about 6 days since I stopped taking Toprol XL.   Pulse is still in the 40's, bp fluctuates from 90/40 to about 105/55.
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I recall my cardiologist telling me that Toprol XL might take several days to metabolize out of the body.  It may take somewhat longer for you because of the larger dosage and the length of time you were taking it. Are you scheduled for a follow up visit for further evaluation?  Usually follow up tests are done following an episode of syncope.
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