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Strange arrhythmia in 27 year old male

Hello all!

I have been going through some strange things lately. I started feeling palpitations and lightheadedness, which the onset of both was simultaneous. Sunday, I felt the episode with palpitations so I was able to obtain an EKG on myself which showed an accelerated junctional rhythm with occasional P waves during periods where the rhythm seemed to try to convert back to sinus. I was evaluated at the ER and all labs were normal. EKG showed NSR. I have no medical hx whatsoever and take no medications. I have had these episodes before, however they were extremely short lasting and very infrequent (months - years between episodes). Recently, the feeling of lightheadedness has been happening more frequently, however the arrhythmia/palpitations is not present with each episode. The episodes have become more frequent over the past few days, however only one of the episodes was accompanied with an arrhythmia. And suggestions?
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In addition, here is an EKG of the arrhythmia. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1stLs8SfuEnaVq8EwtY1bgBKG9SVS-Hky/view?usp=sharing
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