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Stress test

I recently went for a stress test where i had to walk on a treadmill and was wired up to an ECG machine, during the test at regular intervals the treadmill got faster and steeper, once the test was finished i heard one of the doctors say "I saw one VE on there" i would like to know what this could mean, is anything serious as ive got to wait until April before i go back and see the doctor.
Many thanks
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VE means a ventricular ectopic beat and basically means it is an early beat or PVC  premature ventricular contraction.  Millions of people have them and for many it is more than a nuisance than anything.  Having just one during this test is not unusual because they are stressing out your heart purposely to try to trigger what sent you there in the first place. The good news is if they have told  you they don't need to see you until April....be very very happy...........if something was wrong or alarming to them you would not have left that office without further testing or them sitting you down talking to you about something that they;ve found during the test.  I try to remind people that it is important to remember that bad news with our health comes very very fast....whether it is our heart, cancer, anything.......the only exception that that rule is if you are some place like Kaiser Hospital where you are dealt with en mass with a group of people that had the same type of tests that same day and may have slipped thru the cracks and have to get pro active to get your results back.......i wouldn't worry about the VE they would have called in a second doc while you were there for a second opinion....good luck
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Thank you for your reply, it has now put my mind at rest
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I don't think it's too much to worry about, they probably would have told you if it was something serious or they noted something.  However, what I've learned is to get copies of all of my tests & doctor's visits just to read over and make sure.  I would ask alot of questions from my dr at your visit just to make sure nothing else is going on.

I went from walking/running and 1 - 2 days of weight training to barely being able to walk, exertion from exercise left me so sick I didn't even want to think about it.  I was embarassed when they did my stress test; I only made it 4:55 into the test when I passed out.  In that 4:55, I had frequent pvc's; 2 PVC couplets and 1 PVC triplet and my QRS segment of PVC's narrowed substantially with exercise, widening again in recovery (180 ms to 80 ms)  which I was told was a problem.

Good luck
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