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Stroke Risk

If someone with AF is being properly treated from a blood thinning perspective, what is their odds of having a stroke verses someone that does not have AF?  
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The rsik of stroke is higher when in Afib than when not.  However, for true statistics, i recommend you look on the american heart association website under their entry for a-fib.  Being on blood thinner is the right course of action.  Talk to a professional about the true risk differential.  Best wishes.
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My understanding is that if your PT INR is above 2 then your a-fib is unlikely to generate a clot.  The whole idea is to keep your PT INR score in the "theraputic" range of from 2 - 3.  BTW, what anticoagulant are you taking?   Coumadin (warfarin) is effective but you have to monitor your PT INR pretty closely.  No one I know has been on other anticoagulants so I have no experience with them.

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