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Sudden and frequent palpitations

2 years ago I felt my first heart palpitations (extra heartbeat). They were happening like every 5 minutes. I realized that that morning I had drunk 2 caffeine energy drinks, so I attributed it to that. A few weeks later they came back, but every so often. So I went to the cardiologist, had all the tests and they said it was nothing. Since then I was at ease and haven't felt anything. Last night I suddenly started getting them very frequently, sometimes it's 2 per minute, but then 10 minutes would go by without any. I had green tea yesterday but I drink it all the time so I can't believe it's from that. It's still happening now and I don't feel any other symptoms but I'm worried. I secretly think it's happening so often because I'm thinking about it?
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AAAAAh I see you have recently joined the club of "My Heart Is Freaking Me Out".
I would be nice if we were alowed to choose whether or not we join!
I wish I could tell you it is because of this or that, but the truth is, there is no rhyme or reason. I had a cup of coffee last week (first cup in 2 years) and not one pvc. I know they say avoid this or that, but in truth we are all different and just when you find the cause, you will also find it really wasnt the cause. :(  The good news is that first of all, you had your heart checked out to be sure it was healthy, which it is. Your doc says you are healthy. Then there is the added bonus of being just a wee one. You are not alone--we are all here and lots of us have tons of the rotten little pests in the form of pac or pvcs.
You can just vent on here with the rest of us when you are scared. Until there is a cure, I doubt many of us will go far. Hang in there, I am sure it will pass soon. :)
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Forgot to add that I'm 23 years old. Also, I'm currently working through a cold with Tylenol - if that helps.
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Thanks so much for calming me down somewhat. Everyone's telling me not to worry, that I'm focusing on my heart too much, etc... but that doesn't take it away! It's just scary because it's a heart we're talking about! If my eyeball was palpitating that wouldn't be half as bad!
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Ha ha ha -isnt that the truth--about the eyeball! lol Glad I helped you--somewhat.
Believe me--its frustrating I know. We all get scared and then calme down when others say they had what we have and to find they had it a lot longer-lol Like oh good- you are worse than me and you are still here. lol Hang in there. :)
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I laughed at the eyeball comment :P  that's like when I've been told pvc's are like hiccups in the heart...well yeah I'm sure they are, but hiccups can't kill me!  

95-99% of the time arrhythmia's are really nothing to worry about, in a normally structural heart they're even less to worry about...having said that, they're certainly not easy to deal with and most doctors have no clue what we patients go through and feel.

my new cardiologist treats a lady with 80,000 pvc's daily! made my 50,000 pvc's seem trivial, except for the fact that mine are dangerous and hers are just an annoyance...no clue why mine are - doctors haven't been able to find out what triggered my heart to go bonkers and act all funky...one day doctors may have answers until then I just have to "deal" with what I have the best I can =)

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