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Sudden rhythm problems

Friday night at 9pm I started to experience sudden thumping sensation in my left chest area. Checking my pulse - I had 4-5 normal sinus beats then a 2-3 second pause followed by a beat that was uncomfortable and strong  and then 5beats , pause , strong thumping uncomfortable beat , 4-5 normal
This cycle carried on for about half and hour, and I felt a little short of breath
I fell asleep eventually and woke as normal , my pulse felt regular but a little fast
I spent the day as normal then at 6 pm I felt these heavy thumping beats again - and again checking my pulse I had the same cycle as the night before
Now worried I went to A&E , they took a 12 lead - I was now in a sinus tachycardia but I had ST depression - only slight but there . Occasional PVC - but no pauses
My blood tests I was told were normal , negative troponin
They didn't listen to my heart or neck arteries , or recheck my BP which was very high when I got there
3 hour wait sat in the waiting area To be told the above
Then they sent me home
I've never smoked , I drink maybe one glass of wine a week if any
Not diabetic , taking no meds
Stress levels - have been very high over the past 3 months for many reasons
So given no advice by A&E I've been taking aspirin now and stopped the morning caffeine
I had reduced that to one regular per day only and prefer herbal teas and water during the day
I walked today as usual for 1.5km and I walk fairly quickly - when I got home I could feel an odd beat ( thumping ) but not regular
I know the beats I describe are PVC s
Des anyone have any advice ?
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It sounds like you have run of the mill isolated ectopic beats.  They can be annoying.  The things to watch out for are caffeine,  sugary foods and carbohydrates.  Foods that produce gas or cause acid reflux.  Try to make sure you drink lots of water but avoid over drinking at meals as that can cut down on the enzymes needed to digest food.  Tend to any acid reflux that you and and work on stress management.  I had one period where I was having a crazy amount so much so that I wound up being unable to eat much for a few days and the not eating may have helped my digestive tract settle down.  I know there is debate on how much it affects ectopic activity but for me it seems to correlate.  Other than that if things have gotten worse and are not getting better you may want to go back to the doctor to see what they can do.  It is best to try and do as little intervention as possible with these extra beats as intervening can do more harm than good but if it is interrupting your quality of life it seems reasonable that you would like to maybe try beta blockers and see if it helps.  Well I hope you can get them sorted out and feel better soon. Take care.
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Sounds like you are on the right course.  Heart rhythm issues are driven by emotional strain for sure, no doubt about that.  

I'd do what you have done and try to get my mind off the subject, check only when something seems really wrong, not just to be "sure".  

The aspirin is also good, I think, but be careful to take with food, even just milk may be enough if you can drink milk. Ha, some people can't.  

I just read something about orange juice being a stimulant to irregular heart beat, you may want to avoid all citrus  drinks.
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