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Svt, how does anyone cope?

I am a newby here, and I have been watching people's posts now for 2 months. I have been diagnosed with svt, and atrial flutter. I am not really a mild case, I have episodes on a daily basis,at least 2-3 and usually they attack me in my sleep and I wake up faithfully everynight to a rate between 150-180bpm. Episodes last anywhere from 6-7 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. The most frustrating part for me here in Ontario is the medical system. Before this diagnosis, I was a healthy fun loving career girl with no issues. Since having this and being the system, I can't believe how much research and fighting for myself I have had to do. It just feels like we are a needle in a hay stack . The wait times are unreal to get into a cardiologist or arrythmitherapist. I have been waiting amonth now just to have appointments, the referrals are there, but they are waiting for doctors to review my stuff to make appt. If anyone here has had their experience in London Ontario, I would love to hear from you. And see how long the wait times were.
I have tried diltiazem, bisprolol, and atenol, none with any success. I have had sleeping pills, and Ativan and nothing gives relief to the monster in my chest.
I feel like crap every single morning and have developed Anxiety and a huge fear of being alone. I am from such a small rural area that we don't have cbt offered anywhere near here. I have been to a talk therapist to try and relieve some anxiety over this, but talking is not helping! I just feel at my wits end already, and I can't imagine how you veterans have gotten through it! I read some of your journals and I can't hold back the tears of sadness. But I have also cried tears of joy reading some of the many success stories of ablation! That is the road I want to go, I am not strong enough to ever get used to this feeling and I know I couldn't deal with this still years down the road as so many of you have!
Just had to rant, I feel so anxious and it feels great to express feelings in this way!,
My biggest question would be, has anyone conquered the night time svt? Or any thoughts of why the occurance? Like I said, 90% of my attacks are in my sleep. I have also been diagnosed with GERD, pretty much at the same time as the svt. I have stopped ALL my meds, I am trying to rule out right now that Prevacid has anything to do with this, but I am still getting the same amount of svt episodes. Also, I was mopping the floor today, and I over did it, I had my rate up to 140 and I knew I should have stopped when I felt bad, but I just had to finish the whole floor! It triggered svt,...this is the first time ever that there has been a stimulant for me to trigger this.
Thanks for listening!,,

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I sure we're all different, but here's me.  I had SVT for 54 years.  It was the self sustaining kind, meaning once it started it never converted on its own. For me, it wasn't a matter of sitting down for a few minutes until it passed.  The SVT persisted at a rate of 200-250 depending on what I was doing at the time of the event.  Because I was so young (six) when it started, and because in 1957 the technology wasn't present to fix it, I just learned to cope with it.  The children's hospital where I was initially admitted showed me how to convert it by using the Valsalva technique to slow it, and by using that method, I never once in all those years had to go to the ER for chemical or electrical conversion.

So what does this mean for you.  I means that you may not have to wait until it subsides on its own; that you may be able to control it.  It doesn't work for all though.  If you haven't been shown the technique, you shold really learn it.  For me, coping with it also meant challanging it.  I could have sat around and been just a "blob", but I chose to do things that could bring it on, and it often did.  But I was determined to not let it control my life.  In reality, it did to an extent.  But, I was fighting all the way right up to the night before my ablation when I had my last event while having a quiet dinner with my wife.

My advice to you is don't let it control you. Challange it, and learn the techniques to convert it if possible.
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