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Svt afib or somethng else??

So about 2 months about i started having dizzy spells and pre syncope. I went to the ED for a check up and while i was there i went into SVT (160bpm) though they did say it was irregular. And changing position dramatically varied  my heart rate. eg 110 upto 150 then back down again in 10 seconds. was given Metoprolol to resolve. fast forward to today. I needed to come off meds so my cardio could do a stress test. I became a bit tachy on the morning of the test and took half a tab to get me through.

Here's my question. over the next 4 mornings since the test. I wake around 6am to a very strange feeling. I tend to sleep with my hands on my chest and i noticed that it feels like the atria becomes very erratic. then the ventricles seem to stop for a while at least. my pulse stays around 70bpm, I have a horrible feeling come over me and can hardly move. then around 10 seconds later. I have this tennis ball size pulse start just below my sternum that pounds and then stops after around 10 seconds. Frankly it scares the heck out of me.    

Does anyone have any idea what this?
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A few things you can try when you feel the odd or fast beating is to cough or try vasovagal maneuvers like holding your breath and bearing down like you are straining to go to the bathroom or drinking a very cold glass of water.  Some get it to stop simply splashing cold water on their face.  If you find you are able to get it to stop on your own it may make it less scary for you.
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Im 42 Non Smoker non drinker otherwise in good health
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I don't think anyone can say for sure but could be afib or an svt of some other sort.  The best way to get it diagnosed is to get it caught on a monitor.  Was what you felt at the hospital the same as what you feel in the morning?  If so then they should have a record of what it is.  If not and you get it every morning a 24-48 hour holter may catch it otherwise ask for a 30 day event monitor which will give  you more time to catch the really concerning episodes.  Also, maybe ask to get a copy of your tests from the hospital and see if they say afib.  Most svts of the atria are pretty harmless but afib does pose health risks and all tachycardia can cause eventual wear and tear on the heart so they need to be managed in the minimum.  So question the doctor about what type and what needs to be done to either correct it or deal with it.  Best of luck sorting it all out.  
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Thanks for you reply. I know stopping beta blockers can have a Vaso constricting rebound type effect. I guess I'm concerned that this tennis ball might now be some sort of aneurysm. Or at the least maybe a flow reduction somewhere else. Causing a build up of blood then it suddenly releases. I should mention I do get a very sudden and passing pain in my head as well when this occurs.
I am not sure what you mean by tennis ball pulse.  You feel a lump?  Or the area of concern feels like something is stuck?  Have you had any CT scans of the area?  A head CT to look at the blood vessels in the brain?  Mention to your doctor your concern about a possible aneurysm and see if they would be willing to test for it.  
The tennis ball as I call it is in my upper abdomen right under the rib cage. The bulge is about the size of a tennis ball and only beats about ten times. After the flutter occurs. It's really odd. My cardio looked at me like I was making it up. Then said it could be ventricular ectopic beats. 1 beat showed on my holter. Felt nothing like this though.
You actually see it?  If you see it video it with your phone if you can to show the doctor.  It is quite something if that happens and having proof may get some action.  I have no idea what it could be.  
Thanks Michelle. I was thinking the same thing. I noticed this morning I woke up again with the flutter sensation on my upper left. As I took a couple of deep breathes it came back to regular. Could have been like that for hours. Think I might need to drive this a bit mo4e with the drs. Although they often perceive that as anxiety. I think I have to push to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. What. Experiencing now, clearly is not normal. Or 'just' SvT.
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I do try the vagal manoeuvre that I know and the bearing down seems to work the most. SvT doesn't worry me so much. It's changing symptoms and a gp that looks at me like he has know idea what to do next.
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