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Svt and burnout

Hello All,

It's been a while since I was last here, how time flies.
I had my ablation done in October 2010 and it was rough ride with a long recovery. Problem is that again I am having some fast runs of Svt. I know that my cardio doc said it would be 50/50 if it worked. Anyhow right now I am going through burnout and was wondering if that was the reason they are starting up again??could it just be stress related?

hope all of you are fine and well
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Hello.  They say that when things change, that is a good time to see your doctor. Asking what things could be is always a good start, but it is easy to latch on to a single idea, and then carry that through even when other ideas may make more sense.  Yes, it could be stress related of course, but sometimes before you can come to that as a logical conclusion, other things need to be ruled out. When you see your doctor, they may want to know when your last stress test was, or whether you have recent heart monitor data on file someplace. If you had SVT, with a 50% possibility of it coming back (did I ready this correctly, or did they say that they had a 50% chance of correcting it permanently?), it may make some sense to visit your cardiologist once in a while anyway. I dont think that a four year interval between now and your last visit is too short to justify a follow up especially if you have questions or concerns.
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Hi Jan. It's been a while since we last saw you on here, and I was wondering how you were.  Sorry to hear you're having some problems still.  I'd definitely go back to the cardiologist to see if he could help.  Hope to see you around!
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Thanks for your responses. Yeah you read that right, doc said 50/50 as he couldn't get enough wattage to the correct spot as it caused some other responses from my AV node.

I think I will watch fora while and see if the stress is the cause as now I am on long sick holiday and since then it has kind of clmed down.

Thanks again
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