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Switching from Metoprolol to Bystolic ???

I'm currenetly taking 25mg daily of Metoprolol ER. This works well to control my tachy....but, has bad side effects of anxiety, restlessness and agitation. I lookd up Bystolic..and it has none of these type side effects listed. I was going to ask my doctor to change to Bystolic. Has anyone here had any success in changing over to Bystolic from Metoprolol ?
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My doc LOVES Bystolic. Both are Selective Betablockers and they say Bystolic has little or no side effect. I would give it a try. I have not used either but have heard very good things about it.
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Please do not stop your Metoprolol abruptly....it can mess with your heart rate.  Your Dr. would probably be glad to discuss the switch with you. I never had any trouble with it but it did cause some fatigue, the Metoprolol I mean.
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