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Tachycardia all tests normal

For the past 2 months I've been experiencing palpitations with some occasional chest pain. The chest pain i thought was due to working out as it usually subsided within a day. The palpitations were an occasional skipped beat, mostly noted during running. I thought just needed some rest and dialed the activity back. Well yesterday i was feeling good and went for a light jog. Nothing note worthy other than one palpitation towards the very end. Well today upon getting up i was at my desk standing when suddenly experienced a racing heart. I immediately started freaking out at i was having difficulty breathing lightheadedness and chest pain. The tachycardia happened 3 times within about 10min lasting maybe 30sec each. I decided to go to the ER where eventually all my symptoms went away. They ran xrays ekg and blood work all of which was normal. I'm seeing a cardiologist in 3 days but I'm freaked out right now. I feel like i could have another episode at any moment.  I still have some center chest pain, especially when breathing deeply. Worried about things like embolisms as i have a desk job where i sit often. Has anyone experienced anything like this where it turned out to be benign?
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Did you ask for a Cardiac troponin  to check if you have myocarditis?  I can't feel the pvc when I'm exercising , but can feel it when I'm at rest.
Normally pvc can be felt during moving or exercise?
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Blood work reported troponin levels to be normal. (5 ng/L)

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