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Terrified of cath angio

I have a cath angio booked on Thursday at 8am
A 24 hour holter booked on Monday
After a positive stress treadmill test showing 0.5 st depressions and T inversions a couple of minutes in the rest period
I'm petrified
Ive managed to get myself down from 10 mg of diazepam a day since the findings to 2 mg twice a day
I just hope they can stop my jumping off the operating couch and crying and shaking with something much stronger to calm me down
I've contemplated other tests ct angio grams etc but I couldn't afford the expense
I have no alternative but to have this test and I'm just terrified beyond control
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jugs what are you doing ? get off these sites they can do more harm than good !! jez lady its not your time and all due respect to all those with heart problems but its just not you !!!! xxx
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I felt the same way the first time I "failed" stress, then nuclear stress tests.  I in fact didn't have the angiogram the first time this happened.  In my case the radiologist said the stress test was inconclusive and I should have an angio, the cardiologist said I didn't need the angio.  I took the easy road out.  A bit later I applied for more life insurance and the stress test results were discovered, the life insurance cost me more $$.

Later (at least 4 years) I had my first angio...  it was easy, other than my fear.  This proved I didn't have any blockage - good news as it is more accurate than the stress test.  I later had more heart problems and had another angio and it too went well.  The second angio was to measure valve operation as my echocardiogram showed serious mitral valve leakage.  This was confirmed by the catheter exam.  I think an angio is again more accurate than the non-invasive echo.   I will not go further as my additional heart problems, unrelated to the angio tests, may add more fear.

My point, be as calm as you can.  You will be given (I believe) at least an relaxant and perhaps will put you completely unconscious.  It has been my experience that the relaxants sometimes puts me "out" (asleep).

I'm sure the angio will go well and wish you the best results in whatever it finds.
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Try not to worry too much. If you are talking about a heart cath. They are fairly routine now. You will do fine. I had one in November and I was scared like you are now. I understand the fear and I would never say don't worry because I know that doesn't help. I will tell you that whent they did mine they found no blockages and a stint was not put in. So maybe you won't have any either.
Good Luck!
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Can I ask did you both have the 0.5 st depression and t inversions on your stress test
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences xx
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I had a borderline ST on my EKG. Sorry that is all I really remember numbers wise. When I did the stress test it showed a physical blockage on the radiological pictures. So they sent me for a cath. The cath in turn showed no blockages. Since then I have been diagnosed with a left atrial myxoma which is a tumor. I had open heart to have it removed. I had a fib before I got the tumor out and I have had it since I got the tumor out. My surgeon seems to think the tumor was causing a fib before and now the surgery is causing it. I am only a little over 4 weeks since surgery. The good news for me is I have had several test now that have shown that I have no blockages. So, I will say this to comfort you. According to the cardioligist who did my stress test they are only 70% accurate. That means nearly 1 of 3 is a false positive for blockages. Hopefully that is what it is for you.
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Crikey the cath angiogram doesnt pick up tumours?
I'm moaning about cath test and you've had open heart surgery, I'm sorry
Got my fingers crossed I can go through with it and it's ok
Got a funny feeling I shall be leaving on this site until Thursday
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Julie --  I failed the stress test and had a heart cath in 2003.  It went well, I was sedated and was barely aware it was going on.  I had to stay for a hour or two, to make sure the cath site didn't bleed.  I couldn't drive or lift for 2 weeks, but otherwise, no problems.  The way I made myself go was to psche myself out.  I got up that morning and told my husband, "I'm not going."  He:  "okay."  Then I said, "Okay, I'll go to the hospital but I'm not going in."  He: "okay."  When we got there I said, "Since I'm here I might as well go in and do it."  He:  "okay." Hospital was under construction I joked with my son about not letting them take me down the wrong hallway and having the plumber do my cath.  All this may seem silly, but I fooled myself past the fear and managed it.  The way I see it, it is a calculated risk.  The benefit is much greater than the very small risk.  I'm sure you will do fine.  Let us know.  Keeping you in my thoughts . . .
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Was your cath angiogram clear?
Thank you and I really believe that's how I will be too
My best friend says just decide on the day, take it day by day
I keep thinking ok just think how I will feel on Friday waking up to hopefully feeling well and knowing my heart is ok
The fear is massive for me
And I'm praying it's not my time yet
I appreciate reading your experiences
Thank you so much xxx
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I don't remember any of the stress test numbers, maybe I never had them.  I'm a retired electrical engineer and have always dealt with numbers, but I never asked relative to my heart tests.  

Again,  I consider the angiogram an easy test, but then I too have undergone open heart surgery (repair a mitral valve).   I will admit to being a clinch-teeth patient when they wheeled me into the operating room.  That went well too.  

Prior to the heart issues a colonoscopy was the most invasive test I had ever undergone...and that was tough only in the stuff one has to drink the night before to clean out the digestive track.
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My cath was good -- no blockages.  One of my favorite quotes (can't remember the author) is "It is one thing to be afraid, quite another to let fear swing you around by the tail."  If you're going to imagine an outcome, may as well imagine a good one like you said, knowing how good it will feel to have it over and know your heart is all right. I also try to remember how lucky we are that the technology is there to rule out or to fix something if it's wrong -- we would be foolish not to take advantage of it.  Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.
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Its comforting to hear all your positive experiences and I don't know where I've got the strength from to have it done just hope I don't chicken out on Thursday huhh

Which reminds me ralph65 AKA my very lovely good friend Clair is traveling 200 miles to be by right by my side ( she's convinced it's stress and anxiety that's caused everything, she's put up with me for years)
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HUGS.     Prayers on Thursday for you.
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