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Thank God for this forum-25-30,000 PVC's a day

After having sporadic PVC's(2-300/day) all my life(I'm 61-male), I suddenly developed 25-30,000/day 2 mos ago and on day four I ended up in Emerg. wondering if this was the end of my life. Bigeminy and nsvt 24/7. Having smoked for 45 yrs. the doctors were shocked to find my arteries clear after an Angiogram. I had 2 echocardiograms, stress test etc. and all was normal. They tried 2 other Beta Blockers with no results and finally I ended up on 100 mg of Atenolol. I have been "white knuckling" through each day with very severe episodes for 2-10 hrs each day. I am scheduled for an Ablation on Dec. 19th BUT 8 days ago within a few hrs. of being hooked up to my final holter monitor everything just stopped and I have only had 0-30/day for the past week. The Electro Cardiologist told me weeks ago that unless the PVC's were active the procedure would be a waste of time. Now I'm not sure what to do but I'll have to make a decision in the next week. I'm in Ontario Canada and the wait time for an Ablation is 2-3 mos. unless it's a matter of life and death. If I re-schedule and they come back, I'm screwed for another 2-3 mos.
Can anyone give me some idea as to the cost of having an ablation done at the Cleveland Clinic as this may be my last resort( I know they're good) rather than wait. The cost would be right out of my own pocket but the thought of going through another 2-3 mos of waiting scares me to death and I'll just have to bite the bullet somehow.
Eventhough this is my first post, just knowing I'm not alone and the knowledge I've learned from this forum has helped a lot. I check everyday and you guys are great. Thanks.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. Are you aware that an ablation runs around 30 grand? I hope someone here has answers for you.

Best wishes.
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Sorry to hear about your situation, I recently went through something similiar.
I went from having sporadiac PVC's, NSVT, IST for 22 years to having 10,000 to 25,000 multifocal PVC's/bigeminy, runs of NSVT and various degree's of IST a day for 13 months.
I tried Metoprolol and Sectral to no avail and after 7 months of non-stop hell, I was so anxious that I would'nt travel further then 10 miles from the hospital (I live 2.2 miles away) and am (almost) embarassed to say that I went as far as buying a high grade defibrillator to the tune of $2400.00 during one of my especially bad weeks.

In Sept., I finally received doctor approval/recommend for an ablation and submitted all my insurance approval forms (unless it's an emergency, my waiting time for approval is 3 to 6 weeks).
Anyway, as fate would have it, within a week or two of submitting the proper forms, my arrhythmia's all but completely disappeared.
As my Cardiologist once said, "That's the nature of the beast with most PVC's", here today, and gone tomorrow...no rhythm or reason. Nothing I do (coffee, stress, etc) seems to induce them at this time. I've had 0 to 5 a day for 2 months now, with most days at 0.
It's almost maddening.. although I am so grateful for the weeks, months or years between the storms, I will now have to go through the whole process again if and when they rear their ugly heads again. My Cardio feels the same as yours and in order for me to go Cleveland (insurance reasons), I need at least 5000 or 5% of my heartbeats to be PVC's. The quoted beginning cost w/o insurance for my ablation was 30,000 and as high as 66,000 due to my multifocal areas (being thought to be) in both the RVOT and LVOT.

I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. Although I dread the arrhythmia's returning and having to deal with them for months before an ablation, I'm not quite sure I'd be willing risk or even consider a procedure that has very, very low success rates with mild PVC's unless they are easily inducable. If anything, I would pray for the best and hope the PVC's didn't return and in the mean time start planning and saving to go to Cleveland if they did. Wish I could offer more...Take care and do what is best for you!

How do you have multi focal pvcs In a normal heart that’s dangerous right?
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Hello and welcome!

I had the same experience, having had 20,000+ pvcs.day for months (maybe years).  Right before the ablation, they settle way down.  I telephoned the doctor and she said to keep the appointment, that maybe the pvcs would increase in frequency.  Fortunately (in a weird way), she was absolutely, the morning of the procedure, there they were!  My advice is NOT to cancel the appointment until you think you absolutely have to.  

I have had two pvc ablations in Cleveland, but not the CC.  Each bill was 33-35k.  I think the doctor's fees were on top of that, but I'd have to double check to be sure.  In any event, it's pretty expensive.

Hope you're doing well.  Keep us posted.


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Welcome!  I'm glad you found us here :)

A bit of advice: if you want PVCs or PACs to vanish, wearing a Holter monitor is the quickest way to make it happen lol  I have a standing joke (that sort of isn't a joke) that palpitations are afraid of Holters.  I have an arrythmia, which I suspect is a short run of PSVT, which no Holter has *ever* managed to capture...and I've had a few.  The closest I came was catching a blip of it on an EKG in the ER, seen as a PAC couplet.

Anyhow, yes, ectopic beats come and go, much to the dismay of the sufferers who have them and the cardiologists trying to capture and treat them.  I wish you the best of luck, whichever option you choose.
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Thanks guys, I'll keep you posted
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I am Canadian as well and scheduled for an ablation.  I have PAT and I was told that they would stop my meds several days before and give me a drug (I believe adrenalin) to bring on the palpitations if I wasn't having them on the day of the procedure.  Good luck.

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When and where are you scheduled to have your ablation. If you've already had it, how'd it go
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I live in Halifax and am on the urgent waiting list.  I have not been given a definitive date but there's a good likelihood it could be before Christmas.  Right now my medication isn't working very well.  I don't think I've had a normal heartbeat in the past 3 weeks and the dizziness that accompanies exercise is very hard to deal with.

Everyone is different but did your doctor mention anything about stopping your meds several days before the procedure to increase the chance that you'll have the PVC's?
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I had up to 20,000 a day they made me seriously sick. Then an ekg showed a left and right branch bundle block. Then a Holter showed a VT too  long to be safe. I was given 1600mg Amiodarone in IC unit then for the past six months 200mg a day five days a week. The PVCs continued sporadically  up to five days in a week. Two days ago, impressed  by he recorrds of a PV-stress  link I took  .25mg of aprazolam in the morning. No more PVCs.. I'll give this a longer try and let you know.
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Yes, I was told to stop meds 5 days before which I actually stopped over a week ago and still no episodes. I've got to make my decision in the next day or so but I have now come down with a terrible cold. This may make my decision to try and reschedule very easy and then pray my PVC's don't return the following day-which would mean another month or so of "white knuckling" through each day and night(I'm sure you know what I mean). My cardiologist says that I won't die, but it only feels like it.
I'd really appreciate it if you could keep us(me) updated at your end. Best Wishes
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I had bad pvc's until I found a post about magnesium supplements. Started taking it and they went away almost miraculously. If you havnt tried this, it may help
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There's Hope!
I was diagnosed with benign PVC's in 2012 at age 36 after two ER visits, every heart scan possible, holter monitering, stress test, and put on beta blockers. They helped a little but my already present anxiety just kept spiraling which made the PVC's worse. I lived in misery for almost two years. Then, for insurance reasons I had to see a new Dr. He went over my history and really focused on the PVC's. He asked if I had heartburn, sore throats, or a raspy voice. No heartburn, sore throat sometimes, raspy voice sometimes. He decided to scope my esophagus just to check. It turned out I had such severe acid reflux that it had corroded my esophagus to the point that I couldn't feel the heartburn and it was irritating the nerve that runs between the heart and esophagus which was triggering the PVC's. Almost everyone who has PVC's says they're worse at night and when there is extra stress or anxiety. With acid reflux the second you lie down it's like spilling a glass full of acid right up to your throat. In my case, I was prescribed Prilosec twice a day and Xanax at night to relax. After two days the PVC's were halved and after two weeks they were gone for good. I stopped beta blockers, resumed my normal routine of coffee and occasional wine and have been symptom free since with the exception of stopping Prilosec for a week about 6 months after I started it. I had a few PVC's and immediately started meds again. I realize this won't be a fix for many people but if this helps even one of you I'm glad I shared my story. No matter what, keep searching for a treatment that works!!
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How are you getting along today?
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I had PVC's and read a post that said liquid magesium might help.  I took it and it stopped them.  This is my own experience.  I in no way am saying it will cure you, but it cured me.  I got them from a place on the west coast.  They do liquid vitamins.  I took two teaspoons each day for months and this kept them at bay.  
If you are interested I can hunt around for the name of the place.  Since I dont have PVC's much any more (1 every two months?) I just use the cheap over the counter stuff from Target
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This is worth a shot.try antihistamine.I take (prescription) remeron at night to sleep and I am calmer the next day.most antihistamines mess with my breathing-like a bit of  suffocating airblocking effect but for some reason(maybe the alpha agonist in the med)i tolerate it.I have svt and feel those beats in my neck sometimes and since taking this all feels better.relaxed.I didnt realize hystamine was such a stimulant,i still take propranol 40 mg
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