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Thumping heart for 3/4 hours last night

I know this is crazy but I had wine & chinese food last night & spent all night with my heart racing in my chest. I woke me up & I could not go back asleep for the thumping

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I get that quite often if I've eaten the "wrong" foods or if I'm having fluid retention problems. If it's the wrong foods, I drink water to flush them through. If it's fluid/bloating, I wait it out until I go to the bathroom several times. It's always a waiting game till the body balances itself out. The key is: don't do that very often. For me, the wine would have caused it. I don't have trouble with Chinese food. Then again, the place we go uses no MSG in their food. Perhaps you're sensitive to that. Hope you're feeling better today.
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How old are you? What does your daily diet consist of?
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The same thing has happened to me. I ordered chinese food with no msg, had 2 glasses of wine & ended up in the er with sinus tach in the middle of the night.
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