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Tired....so tired

My EP wants to start me on Flecanide.  My afib, while not permanent, is becoming overwhelming.  On and off throughout the day to be exact.  I picked up the med, but after reading the warnings, I haven't been able to make myself take the first pill.  I am still on Atenolol 50mgs and my heart rate is between 55-60.  My EP says it could go lower, great, let me take 2!  He also said it can put my in more serious arrythmias, great, let me take 4!  Anybody gotta anything to say about Flecanide?  Does anybody know of a better, less risky, med?  Looking forward to your responses!
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post 'flecanide' in the SEARCH part of this forum to get all your info. basically, if your heart is structuraly sound, Flecanide should help, like me. Just 6/7 weeks now but 'fingers crossed'
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