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Tonight I must have had hundreds of PACs/PVCs. Advice?

Recently the frequency of my skipped heart beats has increased. Had them 15 years. Now 32.

For the most part I get about 30 per day on good days. Some days I can feel non. Other days, like today, I have so many that I've lost count. Hundreds.

Nothing has really changed except I quit alcohol, and cigarettes 2 weeks ago. I thought quitting these things would help improve PACs/PVCs but nope. It appears to have made them worse. I've also noticed whenever I eat I will now get lots of skips.

They are scary because they feel like flip flops with a pause. Like flopping fish. Best way I can describe it.

I don't get dizzy, or feel any pain. I try hard to ignore them but sometimes it's impossible. They case panic and I end up getting angry and pissed off with everyone around me.

I just dont get it. The only thing that stops them is exercise.

Today for example around 5pm I had some skips. They felt uncomfortable so I decided to exercise. They completely went away during exercise. I was free of them, and I enjoyed that freedom so I ended up jumping rope for an hour.

At 7pm I noticed a few skips. I was just about to eat food. As I was eating (beef stew) I had 6-7 per minute. I got scared of eating the beef incase I had a skip while swallowing and chocked, so I didn't eat it.

These lasted until around 10pm. They were pretty intense and I had a heart rate of around 110bpm. I wasn't sure if this was anxiety, a result of jumping rope for an hour, or a heart problem. But, then they stopped eventually. And all night I've had around 10 per hour.

I also notice stomach grumbles before or after a bout of skips.

I just don't get what is going on. I'm fit and healthy. My resting heartrate is 60bpm which I assume to be good. I worry a lot because I hate the flip flop feelings. They always come with a 1 second pause and a thud. I wouldn't wish these on my worst enemy. I fear the pause will just stop my heart and it won't regain normal rhythm.

So now what? I just deal with these? After 15 years they seem to be getting worse. I refuse to take meds, and I wouldn't even entertain ablation if it was on offer (it isn't on offer, I've been told I don't qualify even if I wanted one).

I just want to be normal :(

Has anyone actually dealt with these? I feel alone, like I'm the only one in the world. I know people say they get them too, but I'm convinced mine are worse and more serious. I've had tests. Been to ER multiple times.

I'm at the point where I'm starting to get suicidal because I feel like I am not in control over my own body.

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You are not alone, we are not alone, this forum proves this.
I am now a well known idiot among the cardiologists of my city. They all telling me I have nothing to worry about but I keep going to them when I'm going through bad periods.
I don't have many PACs/PVCs, probably I have less than the average. Sometimes I don't have/feel a single one for weeks. But when I get them they are frequent, complex and they scare me to death.
Sometimes my heart goes into bigeminy/trigeminy/quadrogeminy, other times it's a couplet followed by 6-8 regular beats then another couplet. None of this was ever caught on an ecg. Once a Holter catched a short PSVT thats all.
I have MVP - thats nothing the docs say.
Incomplete RBBB - thats nothing they say.
Prominent U-waves which cause the ecg software to measure over 600ms QTc intervals - nothing they say.
Biphasic T-waves - nothing they say.
Often my diastolic BP is over 90 - thats fine they say.
I wouldn't care about any of this if I'd be feeling well but I'm not. I'm very weak, dizzy all the time and have chest discomfort daily.
But the doctors say I'm healthy and all they do when I try to ask questions is telling me I should see a phsychiatrist (I did it already - worst spent money of my life).
Not an easy situation.
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Hi, I have been having palpations for about 6 weeks I noticed that 2 weeks before period but the doc says no pattern!!! Anyway last Tuesday while having these constant annoying Palps I had a funny turn, I felt pressure from my ears going to my head and felt like I weren't there. Luckily my daughter was sitting next to me and she said my eyes rolled back and my mouth dropped open and I was twitching. She said it lasted only a few seconds, when she told me what had happened I immediately panicked and called 111 they told me to go to a&e. They did bloods and said they were fine and said I most likely had a mini seizure due to my heart and I should wait to see the heart specialist this week, so got no answers I've been feeling light headed since last Tuesday and I am scared of doing anything strenuous. I am 42 I do smoke but I have cut down 75% and I don't drink very often. I really thought I was dying and too be honest I still do...
Holter Results will be very helpful denimmichelle.. Honestly given your episode they may want to do an EP Study to be on the safe side.

Same applie to original poster, if the PVC's are impacting your quality of life to the point where they are effecting your mental health, regardless of the burden the Electrophysiologist should be open to working with you.
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