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Too complicated, need opinions

I'm a mess, I have a couple of chronic illnesses that have me bed bound at the moment and on good days I can use a wheelchair. I became ill when I was 17 year old, I got Epstein Barr Virus from which I never recovered. My immune system was so damaged that the door was open for a lot of other viral and bacterial infections that are still in my cells and some in my DNA and every now and then they act up.
I also have late stage Lyme disease with the co-infections Bartonella, Mycoplasma and Babesia.
On top of that I have TOS or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I was born with 2 extra neck ribs that push down on my major arteries and nerves in my collar bone area and neck.
When you are ill for such a lot time you acquire all kinds of complications.
One is that I have hyper coagulation and POTS plus myocarditis.
The POTS always bothered me a lot. When I was still mobile I would be out shopping an suddenly be struck by a drop in BP and I would faint. I learned to get the POTS under control but I could never leave the house by myself anymore.
Recently I added another complication to my cardiac problems, I would have a tachycardia that lasted a couple of hours a HR of 135/140 and suddenly it seemed as if the world stood still and my HR dropped to 35 and stayed there for at least an hour. The slow HR worries memory than the tachycardia.
It even cause panic attacks. I do everything I can, meditation, breathing exercises, try to relax. In the end if nothing works I take a Xanax which will give me relieve after 20 min.

I have a HR monitor, a wireless watch with no strap. I use it to pace myself. It has an aerobic alarm, my top rate. It's 112 and lowest is 50. It tells me when to stop and take rest. I try to walk a few steps to my bathroom and the alarm goes off. In a few steps I go from70 to 112.

The drop in HR worries me. My BP is sometimes a bit high and sometimes low, no rhyme or reason why.
In the past I tried beta blockers but they have the opposite effect on me.

I have one physician who treats all my symptoms. I have seen a cardiologist, no surgery for the extra ribs is possible, my necks would become too unstable.
I have now become so weak that no invasive treatment is possible without my life being at risk..
The latest cardiologist I saw a year ago for the tachycardia took said my heart had a little murmur but was fine and advised me to exercise 3 times a week. She obviously did not read my history.

At the moment I'm very ill, I have a major inflammation and infection in my spine, hip and leg which causes oodles pain. I'm not a whiny person but this pain is the worst. On top of this and this is why I'm writing this long story my constant HR is now around the 110/120.
I have sleep meds that give me a few hours sleep and relieve from the pain but when I woke up this morning I immediately felt my heart racing. I did the whole program, blow my ears, cough, the manoevre, cold water in face. Nothing helps. It's now afternoon and it's still high.
I have searched the web for a cause and I was wondering if elevated pain and fever and inflammation could increase your HR?
The nasty Babesia is responsible for a lot of inflammation around my heart. Difficult to treat, all meds have cardiac side effects. I use as many herbal and natural supplements as possible, like Hawthorn, Magneium etc.
Has anyone else experience with high heart rate during illness? I would like some opinions and hopefully some tips.
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Yes, I do believe that infection and illness will raise your heart rate.  Try drinking lots of water and see if it helps you feel better.  Bacterial infections you should be able to conquer with antibiotics.  If your system is off you can try probiotics and see if you feel better.   That said, the thing with viruses is that we never fully get rid of them.  Our bodies build an immunity to them but they can flare up if we get stressed or otherwise compromise our immune system.  The shingles are caused by a flare up of the chicken pox virus.  Cold sores are a form of the herpes virus that are very prone to flaring up when those who have it are stressed. Considering you have so easily been prone to becoming very sick with these viruses have you had your immunity checked in general for problems?  I don't know much about how illnesses affect our immune system but just wonder if an underlying issue is there like lupus that is keeping you vulnerable to all the viruses.  I would assume you have been to an immunologist but if not you may want to check into it.  

In any event, you do seem to have some sort of cardiac intolerance.  I can understand your heart rate bothering you when it is high in a resting state but being at 112 or even higher moving around is pretty normal.  My resting can be 70s sitting then if I get up to go up the stairs it goes to 130 or above.  Your heart rate should rise it just you seem to be overly sensitive to the higher rate.  How much water do you drink a day?  What are your sodium levels at?  If you have low bp then taking in more sodium may help you feel better.  As well compression socks may help you as well.  

Regardless of the high rate, the rate in the 30s is pretty low especially if you are up and about moving around.  That could indicate a number of things.  It could mean some sort of block is going on or some sort of rhythm is taking over for your sinus node.  It could be that your sinus node is sick or you could have some scar tissue from the virus around your heart blocking the signal from properly flowing.  If it happens often you may want to see a cardiologist to try to get a heart monitor, probably an event monitor because it gives you a 30 day stretch to catch it.  Once the doctor sees it happen then they can evaluate what to do about it.  Though there is a chance that you would need a pacemaker to maintain a viable rate.

Other than that it really is just a matter of trying your best to manage your POTS by lifestyle changes.  Taking in a lot of water, eating smaller meals, watching caffeine and carbohydrates but adding sodium.  Maintaining good electrolyte levels. Exercise.  And there are a number of meds that you may want to try.  Well I hope you can eventually get a handle on your viruses and heart issues and feel better.  Hang in there and see the cardiologist if you continue to experience a super low rate.  Take care.
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