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Toprol XL in a.m. or p.m.

Does it matter whether you take Toprol XL in the a.m. or the p.m? My doctor says no, however, another person I know says their doctor said DEFINITELY in the a.m.  Also having issues with generic Toprol XL - racing pulse, irregular heartbeats - only started since switching.  Thought it was my imagination until reading these forums.
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I just switched from propanalol to toprol & i have to take mine both am & pm so i dont think it matters but it is a quick in & out drug so u wouldnt get much benefit from it in the day if you took it night before at least until its built up in your system.  toprol is supposed to lower pulse and eliminate palps so I am not sure y it would cause them. hope this helped. get well we will all make it through these scary heart things :)
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When I was on it for almost a year, I took 25 mgs, a v low dose but I took it in the am, with my breakfast and at the same time. It is an extended release form so I don't think that it matters one way or the other. It did nothing for my palps, so I am no longer taking it. I hope you see some good results and I have wondered if I should have tried a larger dose before going off of it? I just hated the feeling that I had while I was on it and it may have been all in my head since I hate taking meds!
Oh, one question...why did your dr switch you to the generic? Were you getting good results from that first one or not?
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Insurance company was the one to switch me from Toprol XL to generic.  
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Oh, I did not know that they could do that!
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I take the genric for toporol-metoprolol and I take 25 mg's in the evening.  My doctor just told me to make sure I take it the same time everyday and I started taking it at night so I just kept up with that schedule.  I usually have no problem at all falling asleep and I am wondering if that's why.  I thought about switching to the a.m. but if it ain't broke, no need to fix it.
I am however looking forward to being weened off in the very near future.  It has helped lessen the intensity and the number of my palps, but the never went completly away.  I have been on it for 8 months now.   Is there really a difference in generic and name brand?
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Same here ... was on Toprol XL and insurance switched to generic.
There IS a difference!  I get many more palps now and feel icky.

Here's what I did.  I called insurance co. and they gave me an 800 number for my doctor's office to call and request that I'm put back on Troprol XL, and the ins. said .. if they do that, the ins. will approve and I can get the Toprol again.

Doctor's office has to state that the generic is not taking care of the problem and you need the Brand Name.

Hope that helps.  :-)
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